How do you store your food?

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Barked: Thu Jan 17, '13 10:17pm PST 
I heard that keeping it in the bag (inside the container) can help keep it fresh, too, though I'm not sure how true that is. Keeping out chemicals and contaminants is definitely a good idea too.

Rexy, does Orijen just smell less than other brands? My experience with the brand my parents feed, for example (Kirkland Signature), is that they leave it in the bag and you can smell it anywhere within 5-10 feet or so. Not super strongly, but still noticeable. I think I've also got some residual paranoia from a former roommate - our apartment always smelled like cat food, but she also free fed, so that probably makes a big difference.

Madison/Ainsley - that container sounds fabulous! Do you know what brand/kind it is?

Semper Vorax
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 12:40am PST 
I keep it in the bag when possible. the bags are designed to keep food fresh and they protect the food from light as well, as light degrades vitamins that's pretty important. When it breaks open, I have lock and lock containers to catch it, but they're really just a standby. When we do raw, I have mason jars that hold about a 3 day supply (24oz of food). 10 mason jars=1 month of food. Since they are glass and metal, they ddon't have the BPA problem that other containers might have, and I can sterilize them by boiling. I have can toppers for the open cans of food when we have canned food like from the vet or when I buy zwipeak green tripe as a treat. though I don't like cans much because they're wasteful of space and resources.

ps. Orijen salmon is super stinky, but when you roll the bag down and bag clip it, you can't even smell it at all. Opening it up the stink just hits you square in the face though.

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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 4:24am PST 
I put mine in zip-lock bags and store it in a big plastic trash can in the basement, where it stays cool. It gets really humid here and in the past, the dog food was going bad.


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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 5:29am PST 
Hey guys, I'd rather prefer to use the large refregarator to ensure the food is safe and the smell will not be scattered.

If you choose plastics, be careful it might cause some effect to the foods of your pet. dog

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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 11:50am PST 
That's part of the problem here too, Kali - we tend to get a lot of moisture in the house and I would hate for anything to go bad/get moldy, etc. I'm thinking in the bag inside an airtight container may work best, depending on how much space that takes up.

It's definitely good to know that Orijen doesn't smell through the bag, though!

Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 4:07pm PST 
Vita Vaults way to go Air tight containers designs specifically to keep dog food fresh and safe. They are awesome. Pet Edge I believe carries them as well as Orvis.
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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 9:48pm PST 
I have a big metal Iams storage can that my local pet store gave me. I put their food and all their snacks in there.

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Barked: Fri Jan 18, '13 11:34pm PST 
Lisa, Orijen 6 fish smells very fishy -- it's a very distinctive odour. The rest of their foods (including the Acana fish one) have a much milder smell.

I have some Orijen chicken and one of the Acana kibbles in my open treat pouch and can't smell it unless I have my nose within a few inches of it. That pouch pretty much lives in my jacket and I can't smell it.

Also, since I feed raw and only use the kibble for training, I buy it in the sample sized bags (made of much thinner material than the big bags) and no smells leak out of those bags.

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Barked: Sat Jan 19, '13 11:41pm PST 
What we used to do is pick up the metal cans that milk is put in out in the Amish community. There used to be a factory in one of our small towns here in southern Indiana that made cheese and if one of the milk cans got a tiny pin hole in it they would set the can aside because it could no longer be used to hold milk. They would give the cans away. At one time my family had four of them three were used to store dog food and one was used for sugar. As they had the lids on them they were air tight and I never noticed a smell from the feed. You might find out where your local Amish community is and see if they would give or sell you a couple of milk cans.

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Barked: Sun Jan 20, '13 11:05pm PST 
Orion has made a good and important point. I would always store dog food inside a bag and then place it inside a container. That way, it stays free of the mites.
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