New Dalmatian Owner- Low Purines

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I'm new to dogster and will be adding a Dalmatian puppy to our family later this month. We've done lots of research on the breed regarding temperament and health issues.

I know that they require a low purine diet which is mainly consistent of poultry based foods rather than raw meat and avoid some grains.

Does anyone have any specific brands that they've had sucess with? Both puppy & adult foods?

what do you use as treats?

Our breeder says she feeds puppy chow (I was suprised) and Natural Balance as they are older.

She said green beans are a great treat.

Semper Vorax
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Hi there! There have been a lot of dal owners that come in and ask. You could probably do a very decent search of posts. The place is a goldmine

There are some that are even rather safely on a raw diet, so don't rule it completely out. You can do a BARF diet rather easily, and lots of people homecook. Point is, it's a low purine diet, but that doesn't necessarily mean a low protein diet.
Dalmatians.us BARF diet

(dalmatian club of America)the fallacy of low protein

On feeding dalmatiansDr. Billinghurst suggests a "modified diet" based in BARF model:

Here is a list foods and purine amounts:
purine foods list

These two foods have been lauded as being good for dals:
Flint River Ranch Rainbow Trout and Sweet Potato
Flint River Ranch Lamb & Rice

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