How long will it last?

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I have a 14 lb miniature dachsund. She is overweight, so was looking at feeding her ZiwiPeak Venison and Fish air dried food to help her reagin a healthy weight and maintain it. Based on her weight and activity level, their feeding guide says to feed her 1.2 scoops per day. I was wondering how long a 2.2 lb bag of this food would last if I fed her this food. I can afford to pay about $30-35 every 1.5 to 2 months. If this food won't last that long, do y'all have any other suggestions on a good food?
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Not sure sorry. :

I had a trail pack of ziwipeak Saya and Bella love it's taste. I'd like to get 2.2lb bag to use for training treats not a meals though..

Right now can't due to saving up money. I might if I see a coupon or sale going on it somewhere.

The honest kitchen is another option.. I gotten the 10lb thing of it and it's lasted Saya long time. I only give it as a snack or small meal once in awhile rest she is fed raw or sometimes home cooked meal.

Bella gets it as a kibble topper once in awhile I reduce a bit of kibble with the honest kitchen added..

I might get the 2.2lb bag soon, but not right now..

dachshund is pretty small so I'd think it'd last for a while? Maybe ask on the ziwipeak FB site or contact them via the website? maybe the company will be able to help.

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If you are planning to feed 1.2 scoops that is 2.3 ounces according to the calculator on the website then just divide 2.2 kg by that amount. 2.2kgx16 ounces per pound/2.3oz per serving = ~15 meals per small bag.

Be aware, those scoops are tiny. I overfed Max when EVO came out because my best buddy couldn't possibly survive on the tiny amount he needed. He didn't get fat but his poop never firmed up.

May be more than you are willing to spend.

Choose a THK food carefully some are too low in protein for my liking but otherwise a very nice food. The website offers trial sizes, might be something to look into. I suspect you would be happier with the meal sizes too!


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Oops. 2.2 is the number of kilograms per pound, not the number of kilograms in the bag.