Natures Domain or TOTW

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Barked: Tue Dec 4, '12 7:33pm PST 
wave My mom finally found a grain free food at our local feed store..TOTW...my brothers and i love it! happy dance My question is....My mom spent 42.00 bucks for 30#pounds..which isnt to bad but....since she has 3 big dogs to feed ( two 1 yr olds and one 11yr old)..we were wondering if Natures Domain is just as good? Between the 3 of us we eat 9 cups once a day...My mom wants to feed us a grain free food and since they both are...Nature is alittle less for aliitle more..Should she switch?any advice will be helpfulpuppy

Barked: Wed Dec 5, '12 9:23am PST 
Nature's Domain is also made by Diamond (Diamond makes TOTW) and it is nearly identical to TOTW. If you like TOTW, you can give Nature's Domain a try.
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Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 12:18pm PST 
It the exact same thing. Only in a different bag and name.


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Barked: Thu Dec 6, '12 4:46pm PST 
depends on the formula, both high prairie and wetlands are higher protein (more meat). Pacific stream is very similar to ND salmon/potato, only 1% difference in protein.

if you switch to ND, you may end up feeding more since it has more fillers.