Dog Food versus Table Food

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Hi all. I need a little help with the food I'm giving my labrador. She seems to have gone tired of eating dog food now, but I'm not sure if its safe to just give her table food. Any suggestions?

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Barked: Tue Nov 13, '12 2:09am PST 
If you give her just table food, she will not be eating a balanced diet. You can feed her "people" food if you research home prepared diets and use an approved recipe. It's ok to give your dog table scraps up to about 25% of the diet. Try mixing the table scraps with warm water and kibble.

Dogs are adapted to going days with out eating. Some dogs will do this if they don't get what they want. Also people can be reinforcing this behavior unintentionally and creating the problem.

Try leaving a bowl of kibble out and leave it alone with your dog. She might not eat it in the same day, but it is unlikely she will starve herself to death.

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Instead of "scraps" (which to me could mean pizza crusts), why not look into feeding home-cooked or partial raw to your dog? We fed full raw for over two years, and recently switched to half-and-half because I didn't have the time anymore. Now the dogs get a high quality kibble with toppers like meat, eggs, pumpkin, and yogurt.. and then occassionaly full raw meals of meat or raw-meaty-bones.

Feeding GOOD non-kibble items is perfectly safe for the diet, but feeding any old scraps could make your dog's diet much worse.

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I think I replied to this in another post - maybe?

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Try adding canned green beans, yogart, shredded carrots, pumpkin, apples on top of the kibble to entice eating the kibble. You could also wet down the kibble with water and/or gravy. These ingredients are nutritious and very digestible for you dog.

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Why are there two threads of same post? thinking

Saya isn't fond of veggies and kibble already has veggies..

If you add veggies be sure to cook them and grind them up. I'd add meat to it to even things out..

Saya loves caned sardines, salmon, and mackerel yummy.

Tiny bit of cooked liver, boneless meat, ground meat is good kibble topper.

I'd look into home cooking diet or raw diet a balanced one is good.

Coarse unbalanced home cooking or raw is as bad as lowest quality kibble.
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Just a precaution. Don't start something you may regret later. I spoiled my 2 by cooking chicken or ground beef with carrots and green beans and adding it to their kibble. Now that the cooking is getting to much for me, I'm trying to wean them back on just plain kibble. Well, it's not going so good. They go to their bowls, take a sniff and walk away. So this week I bought a few cans of dog food with chuncks and gravy. I give them each 1/2 a can and mix with the kibble. At first that wasn't even working, but now I think they're excepting the fact that no more cooked food is going to be added and they started eating that. I'll still give them some left overs, but only as a special treat and not mixed with their food.

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Creating a dog menu takes nutritional knowhow and there are alot of people who make their dogs food and do it well, but it takes educating yourself on dog nutrition. I would suggest jazzing up your dog food. Yogurt, cottage cheese, baby food, meat bits, diced vegetables all can enhance dog food, be creative.

The mix I feed the dogs twice a day is measured kibble, a good sized spoon of wet food, a bit of shredded cheese in each bowl NOMNOMNOM, half a disk of Stella and Chewy freeze dried and mix warm water into the whole thing.

People food is nice hand fed in moderation, or maybe you've got a few spoons of cheesy rice left in the bowl after the people dinner. But it's easier to stick to dog food for their main meals.

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You can actually give your dog "people" food, even vegetables! But when it comes to these veggies, you should take note that they aren't people and that their stomachs wouldn't prefer raw vegetables. It would be best to give them some cooked vegetables because their stomach could easily digest these.

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I do admit i give my dogs leftovers that have gone uneaten. But it is never the main part of their meal. They do need the dog food mixed in to help them stay healthy. I know you can cook for your dog, but you would still have to add something into the food to keep them going strong.