arsenic in rice in dog food too?

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Barked: Sun Sep 30, '12 10:15am PST 
With the news of arsenic in all rice, both brown and white much of the food we feed our dogs has rice in it. We feed Canidae Lamb and Rice and want to switch to a food with about 21% protein. Can anyone suggest a dry dog food? Thank you.

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 5:41pm PST 
I don't know of any off hand but you can go to a site like Petco or Petsmart and look at the different grain free brands available then check their websites for the breakdown of protein,fat,and other nutrients. Hope this helps.
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Barked: Fri Oct 5, '12 10:02pm PST 
Check the Natural Choice GRAIN free products..They are all close to that protein level, and no rice...

http://www.nutro.com/natural-dog-food/natural-choice-dog- food.aspx

Of the folks I know who've tried it, I've gotten really good comments on the vennison/potato formula (and it is 21% protein)
http://www.nutro.com/natural-dog-food/natural-choice-dog-f ood/dry/adult-grain-free-venison-and-potato.aspx

Cindy's been noting that news on the rice too!