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Hamster diets?

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Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 11:59am PST 
Rats are awesome pets. They're so smart, they can learn their names/to come when called and learn tricks. When I had my first two rats, I used to leave the cage door open when I was working on the computer, the rats' cage was on a cabinet next to my computer desk and they would climb around the outside of the cage, climb on the computer desk, and climb on me but never try to jump off or run away. Of course, I had all my computer cords chew-proofed because I used to have ferrets so I didn't have to worry they might try to chew anything (not that they tried, they were too busy having fun.) They also loved riding on my shoulders. I miss having pet rats.

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '12 3:55pm PST 
I'll get a few once I move but I have enough to move without a rat cage as well unfortunately. They're so intelligent I've been looking on youtube at tricks and they can be taught a lot it seems. Hamsters too I would love to teach mine a couple of things.
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