Natures variety recall: beef/barley prairie so far but there might be others

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Barked: Fri Aug 10, '12 10:17pm PST 
My food has an off smell (natures variety prairie venison/millet)
Fiancee thinks im crazy when i told him that i think the food i bought (NV Prairie venison/millet) might have something off with it. It doesnt have a rancid smell but the smell is kind of 'off' not the normal dog food smell. I tested it on my folks shepherd mix that eats ANYTHING & she didnt even finish it, Josefina is not really eating it very well either but she has always been a little wishy washy on eating kibble. Buddy is still eating it tho, but he is a garbage disposal & will eat poo if i put it in his bowl so he isnt really a good way to test dog food :/.

the batch of the same food before this they ate with NP, at first i thought it was the venison raw (which actually had mostly lamb in it) but after Yumi wouldnt eat it, i am beginning to think there is something up with the food. I got it from a store in Houston, but i dont live there anymore & it would be impossible to get back there since i now live about 150 mi from houston now.

i called the store i bought it from & gave them a head's up, i now live in san antonio which is about 200 mi from houston :/. the owner is a very nice man, when i explained it as being 'not exactly off but not right either' he came up with 'is it a almost like a metallic smell?' & i instantly said 'yes'! thats the best way i can discribe it also. he said it was a bad batch of fat in the food.

question now... what do I get now? I like the way foods like Merrick, & Evo look on paper but i know that Merrick has had probs with quality control in the past (tho i have fed it in the past with NP, even picky Izze wouldd eat it. it was back when they had their black 'before grain' packaging) but the good thing about them is they are local (Texas) so the food might be fresher. Evo i know is made by Nutura foods which is owned now by P&G.

Please help me LOL which food would you recommend??? if neither of those. I need something grain free high in meat & protien for my skinny minny, Josefina regretfully i cannot do raw right now, I just cant, my financial situation would allow it right now so i need the kibble form of the 'next best thing'.