Nutro Natural Choice Grain Free Limited Ingredient Diet Venison Meal & Potato Adult Dry Dog Food

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Ellie CGC

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Barked: Fri May 18, '12 11:43pm PST 
Dozens and dozens of different dog food labels were affected by the tainted melamine in 2007...that doesn't make the episode any less tragic, but one of the lessons learned from that was that Nutro moved away from having food or even treats produced at facilities that they did not directly control. They made, I think, a genuine effort to improve the process. That won't bring back the pets lost in 2007...but it shows an attempt to keep something similar from happening again.

With regard to the Grain Free formulas, my Cindy who works part time for Nutro has had really good reports from folks who tried it for their doggies who need grain free as far as the dogs liking it (vennison seems really popular too, it's gone from the shelves a lot). The grain free formulas were among some of the first Natural Choice foods that discontinued using meniadone.
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Beautiful post.........doghamster dance

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Absolutely right. I found out that Nutro is the only pet food manufacturer that is certified by an outside organization as far as safe manufacturing goes. None of the other companies out there passed!

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Barked: Thu Apr 4, '13 9:40am PST 
I like the Nutro! I have been feeding the small breed brand for several months now and both my dogs love it!
PLUS...my one dog who has sterile struvite and had to be on Medical Urinary S/O for a long period, plus have cranberry supplements daily can now eat Nutro and be perfectly fine!

I have been looking in to the grain free formula as my other dog keeps having gastroenteritis and recently was hospitalized for 2 days...so I want to find a diet that will hopefully be good for him and not be the Medical Gastro Low fat LOL


I like the food!

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Barked: Tue Jul 7, '15 10:11pm PST 
Hi there, had no idea this was so old! oh well, I was feeding my Shi-itzu the Nutro Venison Potatoe LID, then out of the blue they changed the recipe and added Chick Peas for more protein, it already had a bit of pea protein but I guess the amount was increased. I noticed the nice new bag colour and just thought they changed the bag design, a few days into this new bag my old pup started itching like crazy, next thing I know he's got an ear ache and he's licking his arms/legs.
We also tried the Vet's Hypo-Allergenic Foods but they are also made with Pea/Soy Legume's. So it's just back to a home-made Venison,white rice and veggies!
Has anyone else had to find alternate foods because of the change in their Recipe?? I'd love to know!
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