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Barked: Fri Mar 18, '11 8:35am PST 
I googled feeding dogs celery and couldn't find 1 negative thing about it. So since I have some in the fridge, I gave each dog a 1 foot piece of it last night. Of course picky Ringo wouldn't do anything with it until he saw what Huck did with it. Then all he did was chew it and spit it out. Hucky also chewed and spit it out although he did eat some. What a mess I had to clean up.Tiny, tiny pieces of chewed up celery all over the floor. For those of you that give your dogs celery, how do you feed it to them? Do you cut it up and put it in their food bowl with their food ,or as a treat or do you give them the whole stalk?

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Barked: Fri Mar 18, '11 9:04am PST 
I give Rufio a piece to chew on, I find it cute how he holds it between his paws and it keeps him occupied for a while, he does make a mess out of it though just like you described. However, I have heard that unless the vegetable is pureed, it won't have much nutrient benefits to a dog. Rufio also loves to chew on carrots.

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I give it whole as a chew, pureed and/or steamed if I actually want them to eat it - it's a perfect filler for overweight dogs that way.


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I'm guessing this is as a filler to make your dog feel a bit more full. Unfortunately, celery is really bland. It contains next to no sugars or sodium which would make it a great filler but it also makes it a rather unappealing vegetable to some dogs.

It's also composed of indigestible cellulose (only animals with multiple stomachs can digest it), so there won't be any nutrition coming out of it and it may cause digestive upset.
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My dogs have always spit celery out. However they love broccoli. When I buy it I just cut the stems off and hand them to them. they eat it like it's a bone. smile

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I didn't know that it was like green beans and acted as a filler for overweight dogs. Is it ok if I just cut it up in small pieces and boil it till it's soft and put it in their food? My boys didn't like green beans when I gave it as a snack, but they eat them when I mix it in their food. Hopefully they'll eat the celery after it's cooks and mixed in their bowls.

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I already know that Chloe & Lia wouldn't eat celery. They hate vegetables. They won't eat raw carrots either. Sometimes they will eat cooked veggies though.

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For people with super tiny dogs I think it would be best to cut them into small pieces. I'm only mentioning this because it's recommended for guinea pigs (and there's dogs out there about the same size as them!) to prevent the strings from getting tangled up in their intestines and causing problems.

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Hi! wave

Celery Fed as a Nutrient:
I feed my little Shih Tzu a 100% homecooked diet, and I do sometimes use celery as part of her veggie portion. Since I want the celery IN her food recipe to be of nutrient value to her, I do cut the celery into small bite-size pieces and then I boil it until it is very soft. You must do this in order for dogs to be able to digest the celery. OR, if you prefer to feed it "raw", you must puree the celery. Boiling to soft, or pureeing, will help to break down the cellulose (which dogs are unable to do on their own). Since all of her homecooked recipes include a veggie portion, I also give my dog digestive enzymes a few times per week (this helps with the breakdown of protein, fats, and carbs).


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I do not give my little Tzu recreational bones to chew on. Nor do I give her any raw hide. And unfortunately, she's not a fan of "toy bones" or "rope bones". And given that she is on a soft food diet (homecooked), I worry she needs something to actually "naw" on at least once in a while. thinking So, I began giving her celery to chew on (while I monitor her). And YES, she does the exact same thing as your dog did --- naws very fast on the celery and basically annihilates the celery into miniscule micro shreds! hailhail It's cute to watch, though. haha. I have her chew on the celery while she lounges on a beach towel -- easy clean up that way. way to go Eventhough I do brush her teeth daily, I do feel that nawing on the celery does at least give her jaws, teeth, and gums a good workout. smile Keep in mind that when they chew on celery in this way (raw and whole), they will not be getting any of the vitamin or mineral nutrients out of the celery. They will however get LOTS of fiber (as you will most likely notice in their stool). big laugh I try to limit her celery chewing to 1/2 stick (though I give her the whole stick to hold onto), maybe 3 times per week or less.

I really love using the celery as a bone replacement for my pup. When I see her maneuver her little paws to try and hold the stick in place, it brings me such JOY....as it's one of the rare occasions she actually acts like a D-O-G. red facebig laughbig laughbig laugh (in reality, I think she fancies herself a C-A-T! laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud ).

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Thanks for the input. Tomorrow when I cook up their weekly toppings I'm gonna cook up celery and add it to there dinner. Huck really needs to loose some weight and I'll put anything in his dinner to cut back on his food.