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Delta and- Doc

The Spots Are In- The House!
Barked: Mon Dec 27, '10 11:39pm PST 
By the way, I was thinking... what if you buy a dehydrator and dehydrate the treats until they are a soft and chewy consistency (which would mean not dehydrating totally). I just bought one for forty bucks. I haven't tried it yet but have read very good reviews on the being able to get a soft chewy consistency.

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 7:18am PST 
I get freeze dried beef liver and chop it up very small. That's all that is in the treat, just dried out liver. It is easy to give and doesn't make my hands sticky, and barely leaves a smell, easily washes off. It's made in the USA and is available in just about every decent pet supply store I've ever been in. Sorry, forget the brand name right now, but there are a few good manufacturers of the stuff.

I tried deydrating some beef liver on my own because it's not cheap to buy premade. Let's just say I couldn't eat in my house for days and had to wash every bit of fabric. Ugh. I'll only try that outdoors from now on.

The good old fashioned human grade all beef hotdogs do the trick, too. You can dehydrate them yourself, and get 100 or more training bits per hotdog. If you buy good quality ones with no additives (kosher), they're fairly healthy and not too expensive to use regularly if you're taking a lot of classes. Slice them up in thin circles and spread them out on a paper plate in the fridge to dry out some. Then dice them up even smaller, pinky nail or pencil eraser size was the guideline for my large dog. That trick helped me out a lot, too.


Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 6:21pm PST 
Thanks everyone for more suggestions! I am pretty happy with the treats I bought her, but variety is always good big grin

Jynx, I did find one, read my post above yours way to go

Delta and Doc, I've been doing a bit of research on dehydrators and I do want to get one. Costco has a nice one right now and its only $89. Just trying to get my husband on board lol

Lucille, thanks for explaining how to dehydrate the hot dogs, sounds like it would work great. I don't usually buy hotdogs, but I think that might be worth a try!

Thanks again everyone and I hope you all had a great Christmas big grin


Wishing For Snow
Barked: Tue Dec 28, '10 6:49pm PST 
Hi Lilith,

I use the "My Mighty Wolf" treats a lot. My dogs love them, they are grain free, they are a nice small size and not crumbly and they are made in Canada. The same company also makes Ambrosia Bites that my dogs like as well.

Here is the linky: Mighty Wolf

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Barked: Sun Nov 25, '12 2:16pm PST 
I buy my chewy treats on line from www.bullysticks.ca. They do not carry treats that are sourced from nor made in China. For soft training treats like liver bits, I have found Crumps freeze dried liver treats that are made from 100% federally inspected Canadian beef liver. I am going to order some now and will let you know how my three buddies like the taste of them.
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