What is the best natural dog dry food for Yorkies?

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Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 4:46pm PST 
laugh out loudI am changing my 2 year old yorkie's food to a natural diet. I am feeding him science diet small bites since he was a puppy. What is the best natural/organic dog dry food out there?

Benjamin Button- of dogs
Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 5:45pm PST 
dogs have the same nutritional needs, so whatever has small enough bites. Check out Sedona's thread "confused by dog food" that should have some really good pointers.

King of- everything
Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 5:48pm PST 
You are adorable! There are lots of great foods out there. Grain free I find to be best or at least it works best for my dogs. http://www.dogfoodproject.com/
Read that site theres lots of good info there that will teach you why a food is good and what makes a lower quality food low quality.
www.dogfoodanalysis.com is a good site to just check out the different foods out there.
My favs are Orijen, natures variety, go natural, merrick, now grain free, wellness,natural balance, holistic blend, holistic select, blue buffalo, by nature, fromm, acana, halo, and the list goes on theres lots of great foods out there.

Kirby Joe

Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 6:10pm PST 
I eat Blue Buffalo. I agree with Chocolate. Check out Sedona's thread. Be careful about calories with such a small dog. When we first changed to a better food, Mom didn't look at the calories so much and my doxie brother got fat and now is on a diet. laugh out loud We haven't found a BB food that we didn't like the taste of and it's good quality stuff.

who are you- calling a prissy- pants?
Barked: Fri Jun 4, '10 6:40pm PST 
Any of the brands listed by the previous poster's are great (and good for you for getting OFF Science Diet; its pretty nasty stuff). Most brands have a "small bites" or "small breed" formula and any of those would be fine for your yorkie. My top picks as far as brands are:

Blue Buffalo (especially their "wilderness" line)
Wellness (especially their "CORE" line)
Nature's Variety (especially the "Instinct" line)
Taste of the Wild
Orijen (kind of expensive, but probably the BEST kibble on the market)

Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 1:39pm PST 
Thank you for all of your suggestions! I received a sample of EVO but it is so fatty for Nacho. I will definitely go check out these other brands before settling.
Peter Parker

King Peter- Parker
Barked: Mon Jun 7, '10 2:24pm PST 
IMO Ziwi Peak is the pretty darn good. You won't find a Dogster that disagrees. It is not kibble, but air dried and resembles beef jerky. Their canned food is really good too. It's fairly expensive, but worth it IMO.
Also, if you have a small dog, a 2.2 lb bag and case of canned lasts quite a while. dog
Jasmine Lula

Sweet Girl
Barked: Tue Jun 8, '10 5:40pm PST 
Halo and Natures Variety make kibbles that are nice and small for small dogs. Great ingredients too.
Maxwell Smart

The dog park toy- thief!
Barked: Tue Jun 8, '10 9:35pm PST 
What Boston said. smile

I can't see your location, but if you're in Canada, you could also check out Horizon Legacy, which is grain-free and similar in protein to Acana.

Good luck smile

Barked: Wed Jun 9, '10 8:53am PST 
I second the Ziwipeak--excellent food! Pricey, but it does last a long time.
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