When did Acana change it's formula?

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 7:39pm PST 
I bought a little trial sized bag of Acana today as I'm looking for a No-chicken grain-free food for Maz and almost every food of every brand has chicken in it in one form or another (usually at least chicken fat as a binding agent for the kibble). She doesn't like fish so that's out as an option as well.

Anyway, I bought the trial sized bag of Acana Grasslands, which, on the bag lists no chicken at all - but it does list eggs. The store also had pamphlets for Orijen and Acana foods so I grabbed one of each and went on my way.

I just read the two pamphlets and in the Acana pamphlet it lists chicken fat as the sixth ingredient in Grasslands while on the bag chicken fat is not listed at all.

I realize that if it isn't listed on the bag then it isn't in the bag, but either the pamphlet (put out by Champion foods) is out of date OR this is a new formula they are switching to and I would like to know which answer it is before I possibly switch Mazzy to this food and then a month later the food has chicken fat added in.

Anyone know if they've already made this switch and the food now is the new formula OR if they are going to make this switch and the pamphlet is the new formula??

I was going to email them but there is no contact info on the pamphlets and there's no website asociated with Acana (although there IS one for just the Orijen line).

** aSociated spelled wrong on purpose due to Dogster's filters believing it to be a "bad word" lol

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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 7:44pm PST 
Hi Mazzy.
It may just be a typo on the bag, but it never hurts to check. Their website is:

I feed Orijen and love it, they are both made by Champion pet foods. Good luck and let us know.
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Barked: Wed Mar 17, '10 7:52pm PST 
try going to www.orijen.ca
& use the contact us tab. Since they are made by the same company you should get a reply. Maybe check their white paper while you're on the site to see if it's updated.


Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 6:31am PST 
Okay, so does anyone know what to make of this:

I emailed the company asking the same question I asked on here - is or isn't chicken fat in Acana.

I got this reply a week ago:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Champion Petfoods as we value the opportunity to answer your questions. We have included a copy of your message for your records, and you can reference Question ID: 494859 when corresponding with us regarding this question.

I waited for an actual answer, but as it's been a week and I never received one, I emailed again this morning and used that reference number, saying I thought maybe there was some kind of glitch and the actual answer wasn't included in their email.

I got an instant and automated response:

Thank you for taking the time to contact us here at Champion Petfoods as we value the opportunity to answer your questions. We have included a copy of your message for your records, and you can reference Question ID: 534503 when corresponding with us regarding this question.

SO... now I have two reference numbers and still NO answer. I'm quickly becoming unimpressed with this supposedly great company. frown

I'm posting it here to ask what you guys think: Do these reference numbers mean I'm now supposed to call them and give them that number or something?? Is there some other kind of second step I'm supposed to take now that I have these reference numbers?? Because obviously emailing CampionPetFoods only gives you this auto-reply and I don't need yet a third useless reference number.

My original email (in case anyone is interested):



I picked up a trial-sized bad of Acana Grasslands today and the food store also had pamphlets (from Champion Foods) for both Acana and Orijen so I grab one each of those as well.

I just finished reading through the pamphlets and noticed a discrepency. The bag of trail-sized Acana Grasslands lists NO chicken at all (except in the form of eggs), while the pamphlet lists chicken fat as the sixth ingredient in Acana Grasslands.

I'd like to know if you are switching formulas for Acana Grasslands and/or if you already have done so and taken the chicken fat out?

I'm searching for a new food for my pup and it must be both grain- AND chicken-free so I don't want to put her on Acana Grasslands if you are in the process of switching formulas to add chicken fat to this particular 'flavor'.

Thank you,

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Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 6:45am PST 
Hi Mazzy;

Acana did change their formulas a bit in November 2009 I believe. Their new, most current formulation of Grasslands does have chicken fat, so if your bag doesn't have it listed, it's probably an older bag. I e-mailed them a while back when I first got a sample and noticed a couple of discrepancies and it took them quite a while to get back with me, too. Despite the delay, I've been extremely happy feeding Acana. C.J. rotates through all three formulas. For you guys though, you might want to try the "Pacifica" formula - all fish. I know that it does NOT have any chicken fat. Good luck!

Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 6:54am PST 
Thanks C.J. That helps me a lot!! I really want to get away from feeding NB and it's so hard to find a food that has no chicken in it at all. Guess I'll have to keep looking. smile

Maz doesn't like fish, however, I see (in the pamphlets) that Orijen is making an all red meat version so if I can find that particular 'flavor' I may try that as well. Blue Buffalo also just invented "Blue Basics" which has two flavors and both are for allergies, and both are chicken free. I haven't seen them yet around here, but that's another I will check out if it becomes available around here.

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Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 7:18am PST 
Did Mazzy like the Grasslands sample you got? Because that has fish in it, too. Maybe she just doesn't like some kinds of fish? I don't know; just a thought. Orijen Regional Red is great too. If you have a store that stocks Acana, they should be able to get the Orijen Red for you even if they don't normally stock it.

Barked: Sat Mar 20, '10 7:24am PST 
Mantis (I see you're in A2) has Orijen and Acana though I don't know if they have the 'Red'.

I think Maz doesn't mind fish in small doses, but after her first knee surgeries MVS sent her home with a bag of Purina JM which is all fish and she wouldn't touch it - even with wet food mixed in. The cat loved it though. lol I couldn't really blame Mazzy for not eating it. I actually gagged when I opened the bag, it was SO strongly fishy smelling. Maybe it was just that particular brand and not all fish, or maybe it was that the Purina JM smelled like rancid fish that turned her away from it. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to get a sample bag of the fish and try that one out as well. The fish flavors (of all dog foods) seem to be higher in Glucosamine as well and every little bit helps as far as Mazzy's health issues go so it'd be good if she did like it.

Barked: Tue Mar 23, '10 12:15pm PST 
Chicken Fat is entirely different from chicken though....its now a protein but an enzyme. So if your dog doesn't do well with chicken, chicken fat is 95% of the time not an issue, so you should be fine with the Acana Grassland.

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Barked: Wed Mar 24, '10 8:45pm PST 
I have heard that as well...What Chrlie said about chicken fat not being the same as "chicken" in the food. way to go
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