TOFU FOR DOG? are you serious?

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Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 4:12pm PST 
arent dogs natually supposed to eat meat?
I saw tofu dog food in PETCO, I couldnt believe my eyes, I was stunned
Bella Beans

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Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 4:20pm PST 
Tofu is probably good for dogs with food alergies. I like Tofu, Mommy gives me some of hers when she gets chinese food. I don't eat it on a regular basis though.
Hoelle Jagdhund Jaeger

Tofu Pups!
Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 4:54pm PST 
Many people feed their dogs an all vegetarian or vegan diet.


woofity woof- woof
Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 5:01pm PST 
they probably made it because....believe it or not...alot of dogs are allergic to chicken...or animal by products....so...i guess tofu would be a good source of pretein and nutrients for doggies...so my mommy says woof woof...my mommy eats tofu alot...cus shes vegan.....hehe...my brother also loves tofu...im not crazy about it though.

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Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 5:03pm PST 
i don't think i like the idea of my dog being a vegitarian. i mean, dogs eat meat in the wild so why would you cut it out entirely. i understand that some people don't like killing animals for food and such, but animals are healthier when eating what they developed to eat. i don't even understand why people become vegiterians/vegans any way, aside from the cruelty thing, but you can buy free range or wild caught meat. i mean humans are supposed to eat meat, along with the other food groups, since we're omnivorous. but i'm done with my rant so....

Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 5:27pm PST 
Free range/Organic meats arent always cruelty free....my mommas been vegan for 6 years and shes super healthy! she feeds me food that has meat in it though. because she doesnt have a job at the moment and is budgeting.

Barked: Sun Aug 21, '05 5:33pm PST 
Dogs NEED meat in their diet. Or atleast fish/seafood. I understand that some people are vegitarians, but dogs should not be. In the wild, that is basicly their whole diet! Dogs are carnivores, meat is their number one diet item. I agree with Diesel. Not about the vegan part though. I understand some people don't like eating meat, period. Whether it was wild or caged. I, myself, am not a vegan, but hats off to those who are! I would try, but the beef jerky and meatballs would catch me! smile

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Barked: Mon Aug 22, '05 8:21am PST 
Yes, dogs should eat meat, bone and organ...

A little info about soy:


http://w ww.soyonlineservice.co.nz/home.htm
Hoelle Jagdhund Jaeger

Tofu Pups!
Barked: Tue Aug 23, '05 1:20pm PST 
That's another personal matter. The fact is dogs have done fine on vegan and vegetarian diets and some people think it's great. What dogs should or shouldn't eat is up to the owner to decide. Many people don't see the right in killing or abusing one animal for another. I personally don't agree with these diets, but I can see where they are coming from and if it works for their dogs it's all fine and well to me. I just wouldn't recommend it or use it myself.
Kaltag "Kallie"

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Barked: Wed Aug 24, '05 12:57am PST 
Dogs will probably need protien supplements on a vegan diet, right?
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