my dog wont eat his dry food? why?

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Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 8:46am PST 
i just got a dog and he wont eats his dry food, the only thing he eats is human food and i want him to eat the dry food only and human food from time to time but not all the time, i feel so bad but i wont give him anything until he eats his food, i guess he was too spoiled, any suggestions?confusedblue dog

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Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 10:02am PST 
Are you feeding him the same food he was used to eating before you got him? I have Chihuahuas and we are VERY picky little guys. My male will not TOUCH food without at least a tiny bit of canned food in it. My female has to have food that is shaped a certain way or she won't eat (she doesn't like round shaped foods). Try mixing some canned food in with it, or boil up some chicken and grind it up for him. Yeah, spoiled, sometimes you have to have a little 'tough' love and just let them go hungry, but with some of the little dogs you have to watch out for hypoglycemia if they don't eat (but usually a puppy thing). Are you free feeding? I have found that limited time feedings help (they have 15 minutes to eat whatever they don't finish is picked up until their next meal.)
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Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 10:04am PST 
The dog will not let himself starve. When he gets hungry enough, he will eat I promise. It just takes a little tough love sometimes.

That being said if you just got the dog, maybe he is just a little freaked out and stressed about the situation. You may try getting him some canned food to get him to eat DOG food instead of human food, and once he is used to you and comfortable in his new environment, start mixing dry with the canned and slowly wean him off the canned altogether. He may be stressed, or he may just be pushing you to see what he can get away with smile

And I definitely second the timed feeding thing. You just have to be strict with it, and if they don't finish eating, you take the food away and don't give them ANYTHING until their next meal (including treats to start with because if they don't eat, then you give them a treat and hour later, they may begin to think that by not eating they can get something "better" later on; once he is eating better, treats are ok of course!)

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What type of dog food do you feed? When you first got him did his past family feed him people food?

I feed my two pups things like eggs, sardines, can salmon I usually do eggs and fish once a week and if we make a meat dish I usually cut some meat off for the dogs no fat or just minimal fat and make a broth with it to top there kibble off.

So far they aren't being fussy like my past dogs.

Maybe try some tough love try to feed the dog food in the morning and if he doesn't eat it in 20 min then try again during dinner. Though being a small breed I dunno...

He probably is holding out hoping you'll give him people food or something kinda like a kid protesting and not wanting to eat anything good for him except mcdonalds or candy.

Since he's new to your house he still might be adjusting Bella our boxer did not eat during her first day at our house my dad was so darn worried he wanted to buy meat and broth to get her to eat.

I just told him to calm down and give her time hour later with me just feeding her food her breeder was feeding her she ate a little. and the next day she ate normal..

It might be he is still adjusting and it might be he's being picky give him time hopefully things will work out.

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Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 1:35pm PST 
dogs LOVE a fish based food. Like Wellness CORE ocean or Orijen fresh fish.
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Chetto, what kind of food are you feeding? What kind of people food are you giving him?

It's true enough that most healthy dogs will not starve themselves - if they get hungry enough they'll eat - but it can be risky with these little ones as they can, as one other poster mentioned, become hypoglycemic. Also, if they go too long without food (just as sometimes happens with humans who are dieting or with eating disorders), the appetite just goes away, and once these little guys become inappetant, it can take a tube feeding to get them going again, so you do want to avoid that.

Having said this - mixing small amounts of healthy human foods in with a quality dry food - ask for a recommendation if you need one - is totally fine. Human food is real food and it's not just for humans - it can be for dogs too, so long as what you are choosing to give them is healthy and species appropriate.
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Barked: Tue Nov 17, '09 4:05pm PST 
Do you have the money to buy canned?

Most dogs who don't like dry will love canned. It works the other way around, too, oddly.

However canned can get expensive so only try if you absolutely do have the money. You don't wanna spoil him to wet food if you can't afford it. silenced

You could put toppers on your food. Fish broth from salmon cans and the like, yogurt, homemade chicken broth. But that could make him even more finicky.

I find the best thing is the fifteen minute rule. Feed the dog. Leave the bowl in front of him for fifteen minutes. If he doesn't eat, take it away and put the food up. Sometimes I try again later but I wait an hour or two. This way he learns that if he doesn't eat when you feed him he doesn't eat at all. Or has to wait longer to eat. Eventually, he'll get the picture and should eat.
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Maybe you should consider giving the pup wet food or homemade food as well. Maybe he just thinks plain old dry is boring smile Why do you only want to give dry?
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I would try the tough love thing at first. It most likely will work.
Bama got picky when he was 1 yr old and the vet told me he was holding out for people food or snacks.
So, I did as he said and put the food down for 15 minutes twice a day and if he didn't eat I'd take it right back up and in the meantime I gave NO other treats or food.
By, the third day he ate all his food and has every day ever since!

It's worth a try. Then if that doesn't work, then you could try diff things.