is horse manure bad for dogs????

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Do not allow your dog to eat manure within 2 weeks of deworming. Some dewormers contain ivermectin and that passes into the manure for 2 weeks after treatment. Ivermectin can be deadly to dogs. So if you have a dog that loves manure, it's gross but generally safe except for 2 weeks after deworming.

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Like cat poop and even their own, some dogs find poop yummy. Like everyone says it's not the healthiest thing so I'd try to keep the dog away from it if I could. But if she does get into it from time to time it's not an emergency...you just don't want to get face licked for the rest of the dayred face

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My dog has eaten humongous amounts of horse poop along the way. Just a couple of days ago he ate so much horse poo that I swear his poo looked like horse poo in dog poo form. That said it hasn't been bad for him. He does however have to get wormed on a regular basis. My vet also cautioned me that as a border collie he can have a bad reaction to ivermectin wormer. So the vet told me not to let him eat poo from horses that had recently been wormed with ivermectin.
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