Puppy Food vs. All Life Stages Food

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Thank you Delta! You were a huge help! I think I'm feeding her the right thing! smile

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Yup, you are feeding the right thing. Have you tried buying the food online? I know www.petfooddirect.com is a great place and you can do automatic delivery. I also buy from www.onlynaturalpet.com and they have automatic delivery too. I like to rotate for variety so I switch proteins on my dog and natural balance has several different proteins to choose from which is good. Variety is the spice of life. smile
Carmen Von- Woofer

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Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 4:06am PST 

"Bring on the doubts..." BOL BOL BOL BOL...haven't we all been there!!!!! Everything is looking up until someone comes and pees on your fire hydrant!!!! BOL!!!!! (Thanks for the morning chuckle)

Ok, back on topic. I'm a little torn in this department as Carmen is home cooked and she is a puppy. I was concerned that I wasn't providing her with enough calcium for growth. (I have oftentimes read it is usually a problem when TOO much calcium is in a dog's diet. I do feel much better now that I have done some research.)

At any rate, I have also read on a lot of holistic vet websites, their opinion about Puppy food vs. All Life Stages Food. A LOT of people feel that this just to rope consumers into staying with their products for the dog's life time. It's a little "bit" for everybody in the scheme of life. I'm not sure I believe this; HOWEVER, I look at many marketing schemes that pet food companies pull to keep luring the human in. I know that the percentages ARE DIFFERENT in puppy vs. all life stages, and in life, it stands to reason that we may need more of this and that along the way. I had one vet tell me that Carmen wasn't going to grow much bigger than she was when she was 4 months old (???? HUH) and not to worry about a Large Breed Puppy Formula. I had another vet tell me that she would grow very big. (???? HUH?????) Just a matter of difference in opinions. Do your research, and base your decision on your findings. It's so hard to find the truth when there are SO many options out there. There are a lot of pet food companies that only offer an all stages of life formula. Maybe give a couple of them a call and get their opinion! (I know that Timberwolf Organics & Nature's Variety only offer all life stages, just to name a few!!!) Good luck!!!! puppy

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I think it all depends on the particular ALS or puppy food you are feeding. Not all ALS foods are good or bad, just like not all puppy food are good or bad. To me, Natural balance is pretty low in protein and fat for growing puppies, most of their formulas being around 21% protein and 10% fat. If a dog needs a hypoallergenic diet or is suffering from pancreatitis, then I will suggest Natural Balance as an option, but otherwise I think there are much better puppy or ALS food out there. Some of those options are high in protein and fat, while others are moderate in protein and fat. Which is best all depends on the dog it's being fed to, in my opinion.

According to Dog Food Advisor, "AAFCO only recognizes two dog food nutrient profiles, adult maintenance and growth and reproduction. However, manufacturers are permitted to market a dog food as suitable for “all life stages” so long as it meets the more stringent guidelines for “growth and reproduction”.
In other words, any dog food suitable for “all life stages” is also suitable for puppies, too."
http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/frequently-asked-questions/aafc o-nutrient-profiles/

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