Sam's club dog food

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Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 7:32pm PST 
I don't shop at Sam's but I know others who do. Is the dog food they sell there any good. Does their food compare to Costco's?

Does anybody have the ingredients?
Thanks for any help! big grin
Maya- (2003-2016)

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Barked: Thu Mar 22, '07 8:35pm PST 

I'd stay away from it personally.

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Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 12:36am PST 
WOOF!! Maya's 100% correct-- Sam's is ca-ca. Our humans used to feed us Kirkland Signature from Costco though, really GOOD stuff!!wink

Nakita Mae- Angel Girl

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Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 12:28pm PST 
Sam's Club is.....Walmart. I would definately stay away from their food.

Don't let things- bother you!
Barked: Fri Mar 23, '07 10:08pm PST 
Thanks. I wasn't sure what they are selling in there. I know Walmart's food sucks but I thought maybe they tried to up the level tp compete with Costco's food. You think they could buy enough products in bulk that they could make a premium food for less. Hey Costco does it. Plus they have Walmart customers and try to produce something good. Imagine the dogs that are on Ol' Roy because its cheap.