What is a bully stick?

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Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 3:43pm PST 
BOL Patches! You can send the rest to me! I only get one once or twice a week, so they are definately not boring, yet big grin Maybe abstain from them for a while (a month or so) and try again. It might be more interesting if you haven't had one for a while.

Shake it like a- Polaroid- picture!
Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 4:13pm PST 
Yeah, i'm going to have to take the Bully's away for a bit. He has only had two 12" bully's his whole life and he's already bored!!

Miss Tiny H iny
Barked: Thu Dec 7, '06 5:31pm PST 
Mama broke down and bought me a little Bully Stick.....usually
when she has bought me rawhides or greenies......she'll stick them
in her mouth and slobber on them and give them to me, hoping it
will make me more interested in chewing on it......she DID NOT do
this with the B.S. !!!!!! BOL BOL !!!! She spit on her finger and rubbed
it on the B.S. and gave it to me.....considering I don't chew on anything she brings home.....tho the greenies were pretty good....
ME chewing on a Bully Stick REALLY says something about how
good they are.......even if I do only chew 2 or 3 minutes at the time.
So she figures if Picky Butt little me will chew on a B.S., they are
better than just GOOD !!!!!


You can get- anything if you- sit pretty!
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 9:46am PST 
A 12 inch will last Bo almost an hour and Tippy's will last a little longer than an hour.
They only get them like once a month and I take them in the bedroom with me so I can watch them.
I have several small foster dogs and I just can't afford to give them all one plus it would start horrible fights so only my guys get them.
I'm wondering if I should give them more often, Tippy does have a bit of a weight problem so I don't give many treats, do you think once a week (if the eat the whole thing at one sitting) is too much? If not I may start doing that.
☞Queen- Jill,- Cowgirl!

Cowgirl- !
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 4:08pm PST 
BOL Bully sticks are gross, and that's MY opinion! My mom also thinks they're gross

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 4:54pm PST 
Hey Tippy. Gio gets a bully stick about once a week (maybe twice, but no more than that). But whenever he gets one, I always cut back his evening meal. For something like a 12" bully, I will cut his dinner just about in half. Same thing for when we are training a lot. Anything more than just a cookie, and I change how much kibble he gets in the evening meal. He is at a good weight now, and ever since we retired from flyball, I have been very careful not to put any weight on him. He is getting less strenuous exercise so doesn't require as many calories, and since he has a bad leg, I know excess weight will really aggravate it. His weight fluxuates so easily, that something like a bully stick can add on noticable weight in just a short time. So I just make sure to cut down on the size of his normal meals when he gets treats like that.
Hank the- Handsome- Hound

not just another- pretty face
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 6:43pm PST 
Someone told my mom that they are not really bull penis, they're bull intestines. That's still kinda gross. I'm not sure what to believe.

I just know that I love them.

Dog is my- co-pilot
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 6:58pm PST 
Cutting back on the food after a big treat sounds like a great idea. We recently found out that 1 Jumbone = 1/2 our nightly meal. No wonder I'm getting so fat.

Bull penis?

I better go back and read

Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 7:20pm PST 
BOL Sorry to break it to ya Hank ... but they really are penises. But if it makes you feel better, you can go right ahead and call them "intestines" big grin Some humans call them "tendons" so that they don't sound a "gross". Mom and I don't have a problem with it at all. And hey, if other pups don't get them because their humans are grossed out, that just means there are more bully sticks in the world for me! BOL!!
♥Mila- ♥

Pretty girl
Barked: Fri Dec 8, '06 7:43pm PST 
hey I agree Gio, more for us... I really love them also, they are so yummy....even my brother loves them tooo. but I always finish before him and try to get his ......bol.... woof...
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