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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 8:54am PST 
Hi all,
I just did a search for dog bakeries in Maryland and couldn't find any. I found a few internet stores but no "brick and mortar" stores. Does anyone go to dog bakeries out there? I think it would be a huge hit in my area. I am a retired pastry chef and would be interested in trying my hand in doggie treats. Why not? Is it something that is popular in your area?
Any feedback would be great.
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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:16am PST 
We have a couple of them here where we live... my favorite is Bone Appetit Bakery, cause it's right down the road from us, so Mommy takes me there all the time! The other one is called The Feed Bag, but it's an hour away, so we only go there once in awhile. You should go to dog parks, pet stores and such and ask people what they would think of a doggy bakery. If the response is good and you think you'd make a nice profit, I'd say go for it. big grin

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:44am PST 
One of my bestest doggies pals named Dahlila goes to a bakery called Petlicious and LOVES it!


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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:53am PST 
We have a great dog bakery here in Jersey City,NJ.It is called Canismanor.It is FANTASTIC!Anyone in the area should check it out.

Lilo is NOT a- girls name!
Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:54am PST 
We have a great dog bakery here in Jersey City,NJ.It is called Canismanor.It is FANTASTIC!Anyone in the area should check it out.

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 11:26am PST 
We have one in the city next to where I used to live. Me and my mom would drive about 35 minutes just to go there. Here's a link to the one we would go to: Barking Dog Bakery

Their homemade treats were too crunchy for me, but we really liked their pizzles and tendons. We also got some doggy frozen yogurt on a REALLY hot day after the dog park one time. It was edible for humans too.

One request: if you make doggy treats, will you make some soft ones rather than making them all crunchy? My mom loves to by me homemade stuff, espeically from independent retailers, but they never make treats that I like!

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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 11:37am PST 
hmm.. all the home made recipies that i have are "hard"' biscuits. I figured that's one way to make sure that the treats have a long shelf life without putting in the preservatives and stuff (like.. evaporate all the moisture out of the treats). For little dogs like us, one batch of biscuits can take months to finish, so yeah, they better last long.

However, dog bakers SHOULD be able to make softer treats, wouldn't they? How weird.
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Barked: Sun Apr 9, '06 9:24pm PST 
You really should consider starting a bakery! We have tons of dog bakerys around Chicago and I know a lot of people started out just like you (bakers or just dog owners who wanted to make treats for all dogs!)
We have in my area- Famous Fido's, Galloping Gourmutts, Barrington Barkery, Barker's Gourmet, It's A Dog's Life Bakery, K9 Cookie Company, and more... We used to have a Three Dog Bakery store but they closed frown

I love going to dog bakeries, so much fun! Many of the bakeries in my area avoid using ingredients that dogs are often allergic to like wheat and corn, and the ones that do usually have some products that don't contain these...
Most of the bakeries have some soft and some hard treats. I also prefer soft treats so I am always on the lookout for softer cookies!

Most of the cookies my human makes for us at home are soft... Such as oatmeal banana cookies and "Grandpaws spice cookies" (we got those recipes from Three Dog Bakery.)
My mom also put together a list of dog recipes she has found, and if you're looking for soft treats you can also try the muffin and cake recipes: