Dog biting??

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Barked: Fri Jul 10, '09 9:04pm PST 
Has anyone had this problem? Codey bit my husband yesterday, and drew blood!!! My grandson spilled OJ on the floor and he came running over to lick it up and my husband said move till I wipe it up and Codey groweled, showed his teeth and bit his hand!! I ran down to correct him and said NO, NO you don't do that and he growled and showed his teeth at me too!!! Anybody have any idea/suggestions on how to handle this, my husband says he can't be trusted anymore, if that would have been our grandson cleaning that up?????
Ollie Parker

Barked: Wed Jul 22, '09 7:44am PST 
We've actually had this problem lately too.. Ollie has attacked my husband a few different times and drew blood when he was trying take something away from him that he wasn't supposed to have. We are really afraid that he will hurt someone soon. We got a Springer because they are supposed to be such good family dogs and have good temperments and are now afraid we will have to get rid of him someday if we have children. We are signing him up for lessons with a trainer and hope we can break him of this aggression. Anyone have any tips on how we can do that?

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Barked: Mon Aug 10, '09 8:35pm PST 
Codey sounds like he has resource guarding. PJ had this when we first adopted him. I would highley recommend the book "Mine" by Jean Donaldson.

As for Ollie what was going on when he did attack?

For the both of you I stronley recommend training...these guys are super smart and if you haven't started I suggest NILIF (nothing in life is free) Anytime you want your dog to do something make them work for it. It sounds like they are trying to be the pack leader and telling you they are in charge. Also if you allow them to sleep on furniture break that habit now. Working with a behaviorist is a plus if you have one in your area...the sooner you correct this issue the better off everyone is. Good luck and remember I speak from experience...this behavior can be corrected.