Setter hair/grooming question

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Barked: Sat Mar 30, '13 1:42am PST 
Hello, I just found this forum and am hoping someone might help me out with something. We have an almost 1 year old English Setter female. She is definitely of the show lines, although she will not be a show dog because she was the runt and just isn't big enough. Anyways, we have never had her groomed. We bathe her and brush her, but do it all ourselves.

She has a very large, kinky, fluffy tuft of hair right on top of her head. It looks quite ridiculous, and we burst out laughing almost every time we look at the poor thing! She looks like she is wearing a bad toupee. Do all show setters have this to some degree, or just our ubeloved? I have found minimal info, and I have not found a single photo online of a setter with this hair. All the photos show a very smooth top of the head.

I am leaning towards getting it clipped right off, along with some general "tidying" of her fur by a professional groomer. I figure that if nothing else, she will be easier to keep clean. And I cannot take her seriously like this. She really is too funny! Oh, but we love her so! It is quite endearing, and just adds to the whole awkward and clumsy teenage thing she's got going on right now anyhow!
Thank you!