can't upload Wednesday 6-11, Tues 6-10

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Larger_Than_Life- !
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 12:30pm PST 
Well, we used the new video upload, no problem, when it first came out... but.... we wrote a not so favorable review of the new video uploader due to choppy quality... is THAT why we can't upload for the past two days? nawwwwww...

It's just a small 7.53 mb video... using a high-speed cable modem... tried it once in the middle of the night hoping to hit less traffic on the web... tried it and tried it and tried it... and the clock just spins and spins and spins...

anyone else having problems? anyone? thinking
Daisy Sue

Redneck country- pup and proud of- it!
Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 11:20am PST 
HI! My mom has tried to upload video's of me too without luck. What happens is that the page comes up, but when she clicks browse nothing happens .... at all. She thought that it was probably due to the fat that she doesn't have dogster plus and maybe only dogster plus profiles can upload video's. Is this true?