Available near Philadelphia

This is a special place for Dogsters to help Dogsters arrange for community transport of rescues or dogs being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furever homes!

Cody Alfred- Law

Our Beloved- Puppers
Barked: Tue Jul 13, '10 8:40pm PST 
Hello Doglovers!

I'm new here so please bear with me. I'm about an hour from Philly. I'm very close to Allentown and not sure how far away I am from the Harrisburg area. I'm a PA transplant due to the Air Force. I really want to do something to help out. My husband forbids anymore dogs, which I can understand, but don't like. We have 2 and a 1/4 acre, along with him, myself, and 3 kids who treat them all like our little babies. They're so spoiled! (They love going to gramas! Hee Hee!) Anyways, I'd like to make it known that I'm available for animal transport, "legs" or whatever for about 4 hours each way - at most - if necessary. Like emergency. Anything less shouldn't be a problem. Of course I'd prefer something less as I work full time, have a family, and am getting ready to go back to school. I still want to be able to help and this seems like the best way to do it as it's not a M-F job full time job. It's when a wonderful little soul needs help! Funny thing (to me anyways) my daughter (14 yrs) is thinking about becoming a surgeon or a vet. I told her to be a vet and not waste her time on humans since I feel like an abundance of humans are a waste of time. Again, I thought it was funny and some of you may not. Choclate and Vanilla. Sorry if I offended anyone. Please let me know if I can help with transport. Am I supposed to put an email address or phone # on here?
Savannah Blue Belle

A Heart of Gold!
Barked: Thu Jul 15, '10 1:16pm PST 
Hi Cody and Peeps! I think the best thing is to keep an eye on this forum in case a situation gets listed that you can help with...And then chime in and volunteer.

You might also let your local Humane group know you are available for transport needs. Or join a breed rescue group. I belong to 2 and they are ALWAYS looking for help with driving...

Thanks, on behalf of pups who need a pal!

I am the Sock- Bandit!!!
Barked: Fri Jul 16, '10 5:58am PST 
Hi! and welcome to Dogster!

I first came here looking to volunteer to transport, and I've learned so much about taking care of my dog from so many knowledgeable pups here.

I agree, find a rescue in your area whose philosophies you share and volunteer to drive. Many have transport co-ordinators, they're the ones you need to talk to about how far you're willing to travel, how many dogs you can take at a time, etc. Also, check back to the transport forum here regularly and post if you can help.

Transports are a lot of fun, and more rewarding than I can say! Good luck!blue dog

Bella Rose- Law

Barked: Fri Jul 16, '10 8:33pm PST 
Thank you for your suggestions. I appreciate and will definitely be looking into them. Happy tails ya'll!