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This is a special place for Dogsters to help Dogsters arrange for community transport of rescues or dogs being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furever homes!

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for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 8:51am PST 
Big news - we have an off dogster site for the entire database! Please C&P as nondogster links get removed by editing!


The database is now too long for a single post! Please note there are now three lists Canada and UK, USA -Alabama to Nebraska and USA -Nevada to Wyoming

Catster links get removed when I edit, so please C&P!


Never - I would like to be of service as much as possible.
I live close to Birmingham, Alabama

Alex Sledge - Birmingham. I work full time but have somewhat flexible hours and plenty of vacation time. Evenings and weekends are fine as well. I have one small carry bag and one small crate. Backseat is available for larger breeds. I could drive four hours or so, any direction.

Lily - I'm in Madison, AL (north Al, Huntsville area) and I am available most weekends for atleast and hour each way but maybe more if my schedule permits. I also may be able to do Friday evenings after 6pm.

Mischief - I would be happy to assist, I do work a full time job but have evenings and weekends available. I am in Birmingham (central AL), on the corridor of I65 (direct N. to Nashville, straight S. to Mobile), also located very close to I20 (Atlanta)/I59 (Chattanooga TN or to MS) I have a small crate and one that is med/large and drive a SUV so I can accommodate larger dogs or small groups.


Seaak - South Central Alaska. As I dont drive yet only contact me if needed desperatly. Short distances prefered but Long distance ok.


Petie - I am located in Payson AZ and can drive a couple hundred miles in any direction & possibly more. Have an SUV so I can transport large or small, cat or dog. Count me in....

Hoss - I'm in Tucson, AZ and would be willing to transport a large or small dog or cat a couple of hundred miles in any direction on Saturdays. Also we drive from Tucson to Dallas, TX. and back once a week and could transport a small dog in that lane. The baby would have to be friendly with other small dogs. We have two poms who travel with us.

Lucy - We are in Bullhead City AZ. Approx 90 miles south of Las Vegas zip code 86442
Can travel up to 2 hours one way

Thor - I'm in Tucson Arizona! Can transport for 2-3 hours in any direction. Car is small, 2002 Chevy Cavalier, can do medium or small dogs--must be crated as there would be a toddler in the backseat as well! Mondays, Fridays, or weekends, it varies, just ask me!

Piglet - Phoenix, AZ plus Dad's a Truck Driver (Lower 48 States) mostly AZ or CA to NY or MA, NH, ME, and sometimes VT.
Mom is glad to help out for any transports on weekends in Phoenix area coming through on I-10 with notice enough notice to get Pet Sitter can drive to Yuma, AZ (I-10 WEST to I-85 south) or Quartzite, AZ (I-10 WEST), or up to Flagstaff (150 miles I-17 North)
Dad: Truck Driver who drives lower 48 states
Mostly AZ or CA via
I-40 (EAST) to Oklahoma City to I-44 (NORTH) thru OK and MO to Saint Louis, MO to I-70 (EAST) thru IL to Columbus, OH to I-71 (northeast) up to I-76 to I-80 (Youngstown, OH area) EAST to NY or MA, NH, ME, and sometimes Vermont.
Back and forth sometimes and sometimes down to Florida. All depends on dispatch. All parties must be willing to meet @ truck stops along his route. He's got (2) Large Crates and (1) Medium Crate


Dutch - I live in the High Desert on the L.A./Kern County line. I would be willing to make a day's drive if needed. I have a mid-sized pickup with a camper shell.

Jules - We live in sacramento, ca. we can do the central valley area (sac, modesto, redding...) we can do weekends only for right now. we will update as things change

Hayley - Please add my family for Southern California, we can transport a 150 mile radius from San Diego County!

Hilo - Hey! I'm in the Bay Area, CA and can do several hours in any direction or up to the OR border on weekends. I've got a small SUV that can accomodate a couple large crates or a few medium ones

Saki - Mommy and Daddy live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Both have Subaru Outbacks. They can help out on the weekends if need be. Let us know when you'll need our assistance.

Tucker and Peter - I can do Sacramento cal, to the Oregon border on weekends, shorter trips on weekdays except tues. I have a mini van which would be great for larger or multiple dogs.

Pippi Longstocking - We live in San Francisco and can travel on weekdays.

Einstein - I can help to transport as well. We're in LA County this year and can drive a couple of hours.

Maui - We live in Southern California- Huntington Beach Area and we have a big surburban and crates too. Mommy is a SCART ( Surf City Animal Response Team- www.scart.us ) board member. She does lots of animal responses and sheltering classes and SAR classes. I am a HOPE-AACR( Animal Assisted Crisis Response) dog too. She would like to help if there is ever a need

Eden Mariah - We live in kern county, California. We can drive at pretty much any time 4-5 hours any way. Oh, if its in advance may be even farther.

Cotton - We live almost in the middle of California and are willing to drive in any direction.

Pugsley - We are in Southern Ca (Los Angeles area) we can help out on weekends and can drive up to 3-4 hours in any direction!

Monty - I am In Southern California, specifically the San Fernando Valley. My schedual is different every week. The time, day and distance I can contribute will be different every week. Just give me a little notice and I will see what I can work out! I have a smaller car but the back seats fold down so I could fit 1 maybe 2 large crates or a few medium crates. I also do sometimes have access to larger vehicles.

Zoe - I am in Boulder Creek, Ca off hwy 236 and hwy 9. This summer I will be working out of the house and could handle a transport only! I could do 2-3 hour one way trips starting June 16th to Aug 15th. I can not do foster due to not being able to be with other dogs- the puppy is enough to handle right now. I prefer to deal with big dogs. Until then I can do weekends if given a weeks to 48 hours notice.

Jena - I'm Oakland, California, and am available on weekends and occaisional weekdays if it's no more than about 60 miles.
On weekends, I can travel to southern Oregon (I5), western Nevada (I80), and Southern California (I5, Rt 99) as far as Los Angeles if I have a little bit of notice.
I have a covered pickup truck that can easily accomodate several large crates or cages.

Copper Beaglesworth - We can most weekends. We are in the southern cali area.


Bolito Bean - we are in sterling, co, northeast on the highway to nebraska, mom is a full time student so prefer to transport on breaks, available now til jan 21, 2008; other times prefer to stay in the nebraska-to-denver route area; mom has a pick-up with half-back seat so in good weather can take large crates, but not in cold weather, can also take large dogs who would wear seatbelt harness and not freak out, have big car also but again think med-large crate would be largest it could handle

Grover - We could help in the Four Corners area, we're actually in Durango, (SW corner of) CO... Schedule changes a lot so just need forewarning.
Edit: we also race every weekend so we end up in all different places around here from Silver City, NM to Salt Lake City, UT...

Leon - We're in Northern Colorado and are willing to travel from Denver to Wyoming border. Nights and weekends only!

Waylon - I can do Colorado. If it's a weekend I am willing to travel to Kansas or Utah?
Oh - my email is msmam@aol.com


Pierre - HI! We are in Central Connecticut, and can go to Mass, NY and CT areas


Layla - Located in Central FL, West Coast

Molly - We live in Southwest FL (Sarasota County) and would love to help in our area. We could do 2-3hrs legs wherever needed nights and weekends.

Skyler - Mom can definetly help out here in south FL

Raven - Hi! We can help out too when needed. We live in Jacksonville, FL. I go to school during the week, but am usually free on the weekends during the day, and all day on Mondays. My husband doesn't travel much, so he enjoys seeing new places.

Mihkoa - We live in JAcksonville FL, and make fairly regular visits to our family up in upstate NY. Holiday travel, and usually 3x a year we go up... so we'd be more than happy to take a pup north with us. We take I-95 all the way North till about Manassa VA, then we shoot thru PA up on I-81 to NY I-88, to I-87 north to Saratoga Springs... and if its along our route, or someone can meet us on the route, we'd be happy to help with a transport.
Also- we can help do about an hour or 2 transport from North JAX (the int. airport)... so if ever a dog is being flown, we can pick them up at the airport... we live right there. Just give us a few days to work it out.
Next trip to Upstate NY planned* (could change by a day or 2 so email us!) for us to leave THURSDAY AUGUST 9th 2007

Annie - We are in Sarasota, FL and since I am a Realtor my time is somewhat flexible. I would be willing to drive 1-2 hrs in any direction, which should cover Ft. Myers-Tampa-Orlando area. I could make a long haul to Atlanta area with some notice also (I have a dtr that lives there).

Nala - Tampa Florida willing to traval 2-3 hours in any direction have SUV that can take 3-4 large dogs.

Kiona - I usually have my available time to transport taken up by the rescue I work for BUT - if a transport can be arranged to coincide with one already taking place for the Sibe rescue, I would be happy to toss another pup in the car. I live in Gainesville, FL, and I will go 2 hours in any direction, which can get me to Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Tampa, and Orlando - pretty useful hub, I am!! BOL!!
Again, my poor Jeep has logged a TON of miles already, so I can only do a transport if it matches with another taking place, but I know the rescue would be happy to hold a dog for a day or two so that the schedules can align.

Pip Squeek - We are in South Central Florida. With a day's notice (Momma teachs at Red Cross, so may need time to find a sub), we can do anything that lets us get back home in a day at anytime. Figure from about three hours south of Orlando to about an hour north of Orlando or Tampa for a day trip.
However, if it is a weekend or a week that Pappy is not on the oil rig (where he is a medic), we can go farther, because Daddy can watch my brothers and sisters. We have friends and family in multi-states. So, South Central Florida pickup, or a pick up or drop off on any route to any of these destinations: Charlotte/High Point/ Greensboro, NC; Douglasville, GA (about 30 mins west of Atlanta); Penescola, FL; and River Ridge, LA (Outside of New Orleans in Jefferson Parish).

Casper - we`re in Lake county Florida and can do 1-2 hours in any direction. We also have the ability to keep overnight and to keep small pregnant dogs.

Skippy - We are in Miami, FL and we can help over the week-end
We can drive up north to meet one leg

Captain Jack - we're in Miami, Florida and for now, we can do 1 hour, maybe 1.5 in any direction.


Callie - Flowery Branch, Georgia - 1 1/2 hrs from s.c. will travel 2 hrs or more if needed. count us in. most weekends or nights are available.

Belle - I live in NE Georgia so I'm about 2 hours from Atlanta, but close to North Carolina ...

Pony Boy - We are in the Atlanta, GA area and can drive a couple of hours (longer in extreme cases) in any direction.
Oh, we'll transport dogs or cat. Cats and small dogs need to have carriers. We'd prefer that all dogs have safety harnesses, if that's possible.

Gaston - we live less than 2 miles from I95 in Savannah, GA. She drives a very large SUV that has 2 large crates for my sister Roxy and myself that we would not mind sharing


Ein - if anyone needs help anywhere on the island of O'ahu, count me in! We've got a couple of pretty good sized crates too, so if someone needs help picking up a pup from the airport or quarantine center, we'll be ready to help.


Jasper - Pocatello, Idaho

Zoe - SE Idaho could travel almost anytime. We are near I-15 and I-86 could travel into Utah or Wyoming or to Boise. We have a truck with a cover, we can take more than one pup or large pups.
Overnight guests would be ok, but I don't share my toys with anyone.

Chessman - Located Up north Near Coeur D Alene. I can travel to Spokane, WA If needed


Dolly - we live close to Chicago if any pup needs help here! We could help out with IL/WI transports! Just pmail us if any are needed. We live in Antioch IL which is very close to the WI border!

Princess - I live in the South Suburbs of Chicago. I can transport a couple of hours on the weekends. If needed, I could possibly do a transport during the week also within 90 miles. I can only transport small to mediums crates.

Annie - Hi, we live in the Effingham IL, Terre Haute IN area. We travel sometimes in the summer, but when home am available to transport. We now belong to the Yahoo transport group and can furnish refrences on request.

Ozzy - We are in Montgomery IL and would be available for any weekend drives for durations of 1 to 1.5 hours.

Xena - Chicago area

Breeze - We are in the effingham,il area and can transport 2 hours in any direction. GPS/mobile internet equipped
Can also except stay overs with proper reservation and correspondance. Contact me at this paw mail or Robert@frontiernet.net
We can facilitate dogs with medical issues and dispositions of any type. small or large...
we are a full service training/rehab facility and a state liscenced boarding kennel APDT/ABKA

Wally S. Bear - Rockford here................
we can do sunday for sure any other time you'd have to check with us as Mom works quite a bit and her schedule is funny


Jimmy - We live in Terre Haute, Indiana, which is on the Illinois border, and about 75 miles from Downtown Indianapolis. I-70 and US 41 are the major routes through here.
We prefer weekend assistance, as the bipods currently work long hours.

Annie - Hi, we live in the Effingham IL, Terre Haute IN area. We travel sometimes in the summer, but when home am available to transport. We now belong to the Yahoo transport group and can furnish refrences on request.

Wrigley - We are located in Lafayette Indiana which is about an hour north of Indianapolis and 2 hours south of Chicago. We are located right off of I-65 and willing to drive anyone in around a 2 hour radius. We have 1 large dog crate and 1 small duffel for transport and a small SUV. I work days but have weekends and evenings off and could possibly have an overnighter if needed. My email is girlbuffalo1@yahoo.com


Pippin - I am in Dyersville IA...That's E. IA...I would be willing to help transport within a couple of hours & may be able to do overnights depending on the dog...I have a Dodge Durango so I can haul more than one dog.

Star - We live very close to the I35 corridor and also 80, in fact its only 7 miles to the interstate.Me and my husband work during the week, but our weekends would be a great time to help, we travel to Omaha a lot, Wisconsin, Minnestota, and even down to St Louis.

Olley - We live near Des Moines and can take anything East/West along I-80 (NE to Cedar Rapids) or North/South MO to MN. We also have relatives in Chicago and had previously volunteered to take the 6 pack from Des Moines to Chicago, so if necessary we could do that to fill a route, but only when necessary


Rio - Wichita, Kansas...I35 route and Highway 54. We have a medium size car but could help on weekend transports...or if an emergency she would take off work and help if needed.


Hope - I'm in oak grove ky on I24 so i can go nashville tn to paducah ky

Molly Grace - We live in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, close to I65. We can make the run to Bowling Green or to Louisville as needed. Available evenings only... would need to know as much in advance as possible, due to second job. We have crates of various sizes to transport with.

August Jasmine - I'm in Ashland , Ky . Right on the boarder of W.Va. & Ohio . Can travel 2 or 3 hours .

Mollie Jo - I live in Western ky and am able to do transport and can do overnights when needed.

Max - I live in Owensboro, Ky. I can do short trips during the day or long ones on weekends. Let me know if I can be of help!

Lou - we are located in South Central Kentucky. We are able to transport and keep overnights or longer. We are an animal rescue so we are always transporting shelter guys and gals. We are willing to travel several hours in any direction.

Johnny Drama -I'm in Louisville, KY and can travel most days out of the week if I know ahead of time. I can travel 100-200 miles in any direction; it all depends on the circumstances. My name is Chrissie and my email is cdollar@sullivan.edu.

Charlie - We are in Scottsville KY near I65, can do transports on weekends and occasionally on Mon or Tues. Have gone all the way to Cincinnati before with an adopted dog, so distance is not limited. Currently working with Aussie rescue and various other transports from Nashville thru Louisville.

Beast - I am in Louisville, KY and can transport on weekends and some weekdays. I can drive up to 2-3 hours in any direction- Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee


Gonzo - We are in Northwest Louisiana (Shreveport, to be exact) and we can go up to 100 miles in any direction. If the circumstances are right, we may be able to travel more! We are close to I-20 and I-49. Momma drives a pick'em up truck, but she does have a backseat. She says she can keep one, possibly two on an overnighter


Wembley - I am in central Maine, and I'm willing to travel up to 8 hrs driving time, which would take me pretty much anywhere over New England, and down to NYC.
I have a minivan and 3 dog crates ranging in size from puppy to one that fit our 110lb dog easily.
So long as I know far enough in advance I can sometimes get cheap hotel rooms, so it's possible I could do overnights during the trip.

Nessie - Please add two more from Maine. We live just outside Augusta. Our email is sqlord@gmail.com

Tango - Live in Lewiston Maine. That is about 40 minutes north of Portland, or 35 south of Augusta. Have a minivan, but my crates are only medium to small. I work weekdays but usually have spare time late afternoons or evenings and on the weekends. Can go a couple hours south or north.

Paisley - We live in Maine. I have large crates and have transported many large dogs for friends and work. I am available weekdays afternoons and nights and days on the weekends. We love to travel and would be willing to go as far as NY, maybe further if an emergency. We are about an hour from Kennebunk, close to new hampshire on the highway and could go north about 5 hours if needed


http://www.catster.com/cats/517065 Sam, in Baltimore Maryland.
I'm on catster, but noticed that dogster seems to have more transport needs and that you've been organizing a lot of the transport. I'm a law student at UVA, living in Charlottesville VA and would love to help. Feel free to contact me if you have any transport needs in the area. You can reach me at kh2hd@virginia.edu. I have a small SUV, so big dogs or multiple dogs are fine

Jazzy - I can transport in and around the DC/MD/VA area. Need as much advance notice as possible because I run other transports... If it is a large load I am willing to drive much further. Email me with all inquiries, I will be honest about my time, so no guarantees.

Empress Mimi - We live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We'd be more than happy to help out! Overnight guests are more than welcome, but no cats please. Mom's available on weekends until June 7. After that, she's available anytime until late August.
Mom can easily get to NJ, VA, DC, and MD. She'll drive up to 4 hours and has a Hyundai SUV.

Zoey - Maryland - willing to travel 100 miles or so. We love to help the doggies!

Bella Beans


Tucker -

Bailey - I am in Boston..right off I-93 and very near I-95...willing to travel 2-3 hours in any direction on any weekend (given a few days notice). I only have one soft sided travel crate however...medium. I may have one other medium crate in the basement as well. I have a Jeep Cherokee, so should be able to take 2 dogs in crates. We may also be able to host a overnight stop for dog that are ok with other dogs and cats

Dover - We live in Boston, and can help with travel legs in Massachusetts, as well as surrounding areas (we go to Southern NH quite a bit to visit family, so that could work too!)

Brody - Massachusetts/New England area
Relatively flexible schedule, happy to help when able.

Tulip - We live in Boston and can drive throughout New England on the weekends.

http://www.catster.com/cats/602879 - Fitz
Fitz - I am in Boston and happy to drive a couple of hours in any direction. Can you add me to your list? many many thanks

Mud - We live in Massachusetts and would be able to help out in Vt, NH,Ct, RI. We have a really comfy jeep cherokee that the seats all lay flat so we could take big or little doggies, we do also have a open air crate too.

Baxter - Massachusetts - 100 plus miles (includes MA, NH, RI, CT)


Sophie Rose - I live in lower southeastern Michigan (just south of Detroit) and would be available for the Detroit area to Ann Arbor or the Jackson-area, and northern Ohio.
I'm available on weekends (not overnight).

Nika's Heavenly Dreams - We'd be happy to help, though we're in an out-of-the-way state.
We live in western Michigan. Could transport one large or several small crates.
Have 3 dogs ourselves, so overnights would be more difficult

Ruger - I'm available for transport between Ann Arbor and Detroit-ish, and home checks within 15 miles of Livonia.

Pearl - We can help with transports near Lansing, Michigan, 60 or so miles each way. Have a variety of crates and experience in transporting doggies. Weekends only

Root - We can do the Detroit / Ann Arbor area of Michigan and surrounding areas, usually weekends or after five or so most weekdays. Week days would have to be shorter distances; we work and go to school. Weekends are more open.
We have two big dogs that are friendly toward other dogs, but are highly excitable and can scare smaller dogs (but their best friend is a tiny 10 pound dog). We are not home often enough though, so our dogs would probably have to come along for any rides. Is that allowable?
We can do sleepovers if necessary.
We only have two dog seat belts, one giant kennel (that does not fit into the car), and two (fat) cat-size carriers.


Dusty - I'm in St Cloud, MN. I am active in Australian Cattle Dog rescue but will drive any animal needing transport that will fit into my SUV. I'll go pretty much anywhere in MN with enough notice. I usually drive an hour or a little more transport leg on I-94. I have gone all the way to Fargo, ND, to the Twin Cities and just across the border into Wisconsin. I will drive to the Iowa/MN border on I-35 under the right conditions.

Bindi - Southwest MN here, can do parts of South Dakota, and possibly Iowa as well.
I'm only about an hour away from each of those borders.
My availability would depend on my work schedule, I work a really weird rotation and if I'd know early enough to take the day off work needed.

Sadie - I can do MN I'm pretty flexible on the schedule....also I'm in St. Paul so the west side of WI is ok too


Papi - Becca- I live in St.Louis MO & I am off on Sundays & Mondays. I work until7 on Saturdays & 2pm-10pm Tues-Fri. I can help!!

Mitch - I live in Kansas City, MO and am available most any time.

Cassie - We are in St. Louis, MO. We are available to help some. We are pretty busy with our flyball and our human kids but are willing to play train or host overnighters whenever possible (we love company). We travel typically monthly to various locations (often Cedar Rapids area in IA) and are willing to travel a couple of hours any other time we can. All dogs would have to be crated as there would probably be 3 kiddos in the car with them. We have extra crates and a minivan

Hiedi Lilley - I am in Jefferson City, MO. Willing and able to travel. I can cover MO. My son and I will love to help out. I just have to be home on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. We can do the job, just ask us!!
We are in St. Louis and can go about 4 hours in any direction
That takes us to and fro:
Kansas City
and anywhere in between
Weekdays- after 6 p.m. for trips two hours or less
Weekends- long trips


Bodie - Hi, I'm Kristie. I'm in Central Montana. I travel from MT to NM every two weeks and can transport thru MT, WY, ID, UT, NM, AZ and CO. I can occasionally do fosters but right now have my hands full with some IG's I rescued personally from a mill and 2 cocker spaniel girls. Email me for my info

Bandit - I am located in SW MONTANA, and am willing to travel in any direction up to five hours (inlcudes ID, and WY). I also make frequent trips to see family in SEATTLE, WA and am willing to make detours to help out. I go from Dillon, MT up through Missoula, MT, through Coeur D'Alene, ID, Spokane, WA, Stevens Pass, WA, Issaquah, through Seattle, up to Lynnwood/Everett, WA.
Lots of availability with some advance notice. Can foster as well.
Can be reached on Dogster or at yokasknight@msn.com or 425 346 0082


Badger TDI - Omaha, Nebraska
I travel a lot, but I'm typically available on the weekends and I'd be happy to help. I'm in Omaha, NE. I'm open to what's needed, I have family and friends scattered in the region - I'll do what I can.
I have an SUV with a dog barrier, also multiple crates. I'm happy to take any dog or cat in need

Lil Kodi Bear - If anyone needs me I am in Omaha Nebraska. I will do what ever I can to help

Midnight Star - We're in Lincoln, Nebraska, and Mom has a hard time saying "no" to anything that has to do with helping a Furfriend in Need

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Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:08am PST 
Vincent, that's a great idea.

I'm in Fredonia, N.Y.- that is between Erie, P.A., Buffalo, N.Y., and Jamestown, N.Y. - all are short drives. I can drive pups and also take overnights, depending on the dog.

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:17am PST 

Xena - Chicago area


Meatball - Buffalo area

Farrah - Buffalo area

Leo - Fredonia, N.Y.- that is between Erie, P.A., Buffalo, N.Y., and Jamestown, N.Y. - all are short drives. I can drive pups and also take overnights, depending on the dog.


for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:19am PST 
It worked!! I'm going to put the database in my diary, so I can edit and keep links - and just update from there!! And thanks, Leo!!

Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:39am PST 
We are located in York Pennsylvania. We can do Central PA (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster) and also Baltimore to Central PA runs.

Unfortunetly, we are limited to mainly weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.

We can do overnights for puppies only. We have 5 dogs and one will not get along with dogs over a year old, but he LOVES puppies! (strange, huh?)

for Rio - CYSTS BE GONE!!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:44am PST 
OK, guys, I thought it would be a good idea to get all the offers of help in one place - organized by state. I'd be happy to add Canada too, if someone can help with the geography. Here's who I have so far to give you and idea of what my master list would look like.


Xena - Chicago area


Meatball - Buffalo area

Farrah - Buffalo area

Leo - Fredonia, N.Y.- that is between Erie, P.A., Buffalo, N.Y., and Jamestown, N.Y. - all are short drives. I can drive pups and also take overnights, depending on the dog.


Karma Sweetie - We are located in York Pennsylvania. We can do Central PA (Harrisburg/York/Lancaster) and also Baltimore to Central PA runs.
Unfortunately, we are limited to mainly weekends and after 6pm on weekdays.
We can do overnights for puppies only. We have 5 dogs and one will not get along with dogs over a year old, but he LOVES puppies! (strange, huh?)
Farrah- ♥12/9- 7-3/06

I love Bosco,- Jack & GR
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:59am PST 
Ok. That is already hard to keep up with. Could you add weekends to mine too?

The best things- come in little- packages
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 9:59am PST 
Hey Vincent - I can help in the Oklahoma City area. I probably wouldn't be able to go more than an hour or two outside this area because my car might die red face I'm also only available usually on the weekends, and maybe after 5 on some of the weekdays
Sadie (Treat- Whore)

I love my- stuffie leg!
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 10:10am PST 
I can do MN I'm pretty flexible on the schedule....also I'm in St. Paul so the west side of WI is ok too....
★ Faith- ★

Down with Bill- 132(Ontario Pit- Bull Ban)
Barked: Fri Jan 19, '07 10:14am PST 
Hi. We are in Ontario, Canada

We can do:
GTA (Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Woodbridge, etc.)

Durham region (Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa)

Surrounding Durham ( Uxbridge, Port Perry, Brooklin, Bowmanville, Courtice, Peterborough, Lindsay, Cobourg, etc.)

We're pretty much ALL of Southern Ontario (you can contact us for geographical help in Ontario).

Weeknights = short trips
Weekends = longer trips

We could also do short term foster or stop over rest periods (over nights) as we do have a couple extra crates in the garage which can be brought into the house if need be.

Let us know if you ever need any help.

Jennifer, Mommy of Faith, Denali, and "PUPPY" (to be named)
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