These Dogs will be Euthanized if they Don't Get Help Today

This is a special place for Dogsters to help Dogsters arrange for community transport of rescues or dogs being re-homed. Even though we love our community, please remember this is the Internet. Be sure not to post personal information publicly or share it prematurely; always use your best judgment when working with people unknown to you. Thanks for helping our furry friends get to their furever homes!

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Sachi- (1997-2012)

Dirt is a girls- best friend!
Barked: Tue Dec 26, '06 12:37pm PST 
Bernadette's human is the one that works there and notified us about these dogs. The shelter has already contacted the local rescue groups. However, the rescues might reconsider taking a dog if they get enough e-mails and/or calls.

These are the Merced County Rescues I was able to find:

Cloud Nine Animal Rescue
PO Box 1208
Merced, CA 95341
Phone: (209) 722-7206

Email: cloud9k9@mindspring.com

Merced Animal Rescue Foundation
P.O. Box 2943
Merced, CA 95344

Email: marfpetfinder@aol.com

Turlock Dog Rescue
Turlock, CA 95380
Phone: 209-664-0562

Email: Siberianzoo@hughes.net

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Where's the- ball? Where's- the ball?!
Barked: Tue Dec 26, '06 2:38pm PST 
Here's barking in wishes that we lived closer (or that mom had some vacation days to use). I hope these babies find good homes. Prayers and pawsitive thoughts!
Captain Jack

Barked: Tue Dec 26, '06 2:41pm PST 
i just wrote each of those companies an email begging them to please rescue these pups. everyone that reads this topic should definitely do the same.

Lady Madison

They call me- Maddie Baddie!
Barked: Wed Dec 27, '06 5:22am PST 
My MaMa wishes that she could save all of them! Me and Tai are keeping our paws crossed for happy endings for them all!

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