How many people write for you?

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The world- belongs to me!
Barked: Wed Jun 11, '08 3:48pm PST 
I am just curious about this. How many people participate in writing your diary and keeping your page updated? Who are they? I was wondering if it is one person in the family or if it is a family project and you have multiple writers? My Mommy does all my writing, photo editing and page changes.
Sandy Baby- ♥

I may look- little, but I'm- ALL dog!
Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 1:12pm PST 
Are you kidding? I and I alone keep my page up to date. laugh out loud

Just don't tell my daddy, he'd FLIP.

He thinks he does it all. wink
Gray Dawn- Treader

Don't Tread on- me
Barked: Thu Jun 12, '08 2:26pm PST 
My mistress helps me update my page and diary.

Droopy CD,- RA, HH, TDI,- CGC

I didn't do it
Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 7:27am PST 
Just mom. Dad thinks we are nuts and mom is addicted. blue dog
Miss Bella

Bella - Barbie dog
Barked: Fri Jun 13, '08 7:28pm PST 
MtheP does it all... but sometimes the father or the moveouts give us bones.. no, not real ones... just cyberbones.
Lillian- Marie

Lovely Lillian
Barked: Wed Jun 25, '08 5:50am PST 
Oh, I update as soon as something worth writing about happens! I can't leave my diary blank for too long, with a mind like mine! I mean, my life is exciting (most times)! Right now I'm just kinda sleepy, lounging around on a nice, soft bed. No one really wants to read that, though.

Time for some Lily Action!
.....As soon as I regain some energy.


Cairnattitude - My Way!!
Barked: Wed Jun 25, '08 11:33am PST 
My mom does my diaries (since I don't have opposable thumbs to type with), photos, backgrounds, music, and so on.....my dad thinks we're all crazy (mom just did my newly adopted brother's page, too). And, she has pages for our fur angel siblings as well.

Barked: Thu Jun 26, '08 7:49pm PST 
"I" dictate as furmom types fur me!!! ; ) blue doglaugh out loud
Grace&- Bryce and- Willy

trouble X 3
Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 3:52am PST 
90% mom
dad sometimes posts and helps mom with the pages, moms puter challenged.
Buddy- Doughnut- *CGC*ESA*

I\'m Jelly- Filled! *Gone- But Not Forgote
Barked: Fri Jun 27, '08 9:28am PST 
My mommy does Tigger, Taz, and me

Grandma does Smokey
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