Read my diary, maybe someone has experience with sick puppies

Daisy's- pups!

Barked: Wed Jul 11, '07 9:15pm PST 
It was about 1pm when he started getting really sick, he was being restless and crying uncontrollably, he wouldn't close his mouth, almost sounded like a little kitten, he was obviously VERY uncomfortable and in pain. When I opened his mouth I realized his gums where very white, so I rushed him to the vets office, on our way there his tongue started turning blue. I was so worried... They took him in, gave him oxygen and did some X-rays, apparently they concluded by the X-rays that his trachea was just underdeveloped that it wasn't growing that the same speed as the rest of his body. They said there is nothing we can do; there is nothing no one can do... "You need to consider putting him to sleep"... what?!... Unless you want to get a second opinion from "AVS" (which is one of the best medical clinics for pets in Central Florida), "but they will charge you an arm and a leg and I am most certain that there is nothing they will be able to do" said my vet. Of course I immediately took him, it was close to 5:15pm and we had to make it there by 5pm, the place was about 40 mins away. So they gave me an oxygen tank and a container for Simba to have some oxygen on the way. We got at 5:18pm to AVS, they were waiting for us, the took him in and took more X-rays, this time they took one of his siblings, Thumbelina, to X-ray her and compare the trachea sizes, to see if it was normal on a dog their size... We waited for about 50 minutes. Finally the new doctors came in the room. "We don't see a problem with his trachea at all” they said... "If it wasn't because of the history these other doctors have given us, we would have told you that he is a perfectly normal, healthy puppy. Oh my God... what a relief! These people at AVS have much better machines and they are the ones to trust, we were so happy, but then what was it? "We don't know" they said. So we left with no diagnostic but relieved that it wasn't his trachea. On our way back, he was feeding from his mom and acting normal, but when we got home he started having problems again, he would cry and scream and act restless, I tried feeding him a couple of times and it would start to come out his nose, he wasn't swallowing, and we tried not to put any weight on his stomach, he would keep his back legs up while he tried to lay down... His gums started turning white again and I put him back in the oxygen container they lent it us from our regular vet, he would still scream in there but it seemed to help a bit to bring his color back. He would have episodes that lasted about 30-40 mins and then go to sleep; he had about 4 episodes during the night, until at 3am I decided to take him to the emergency clinic. They made us wait for ever because when we got there he was sleeping and he didn't have an episode the whole time, so they thought he wasn't critical and we shouldn't be there in the first place. Finally when the vet saw him, she suggested that he might be a puppy with a very upset stomach, having cramps and such, she said it was common, his temperature, and heart rate where good, they tube fed him some esbilac and also gave him an enema after they tried stimulating him with no results for several minutes, it seemed to help a lot since they said A LOT of stuff came out and when we got home he was still going. He was cold so I warmed him up. He has been acting normal since that I still tube fed him here at the house but he is also eating from mom, and hopefully that was all that it was. I wish there where more vet/breeders out here to help with puppy cases, or that there was some kind of neo natal puppy care specialty in veterinary medicine. I have been looking all over the internet and I have not found one single breeder/vet or vet that specializes in puppy care yet. If you know of anyone I would really appreciate their info so that I can get in touch with them. I will keep everyone updated on Simba's progress, please always get a second opinion before putting a dog to "sleep"... If I would have been one of those owners that just don't want to spend the time or money, he would have been put to sleep yesterday, it's so sad; I want to give this little guy the opportunity to have a long and happy life.