I am the Bionic Dog.

Sadie- Lickin's

Lick 'em all!
Barked: Fri Jun 8, '07 3:22am PST 
Millions of years in the future...

Our Sun is a red dwarf star, barely sending enough energy to keep the earth from freezing solid. The higher forms of life like us dogs and our pet humans have evolved upward and left the confines of our home planet or have died out.

Mighty mountains have worn down into the ocean. The oceans themselves are reduced to shallow cesspools home for mosquitos and a few reptiles. On land, only the simple animals are left. Mindless Cat decendants eak out a living chasing cockroaches across the desolate landscape.

A bleak vision indeed.

As we continue our tour of this worn, barren Earth, we notice in the distance, something shiny glinting in the weak sunlight. What is it? What thing could survive the ages and still keep it's form like the day it was created?

It is my knees.

I am the Bionic Dog. With my titanium knees, I will outlast the very Earth we live on!

Doc says after my rehabilitation to get back my muscle tone, I should have indestructable knees. Look out World, I'm b-a-a-a-a-c-k!!!