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Barked: Thu May 31, '07 11:14am PST 
Hey Guys, I got the news from my friend Raisin about the tag game, so here I am will try to see how it works...Few things that I can't live without....arff...arfff
1). I love running at the off leash dog park
2). I enjoy been in the water at the dog beach, and pretend I am better then Lab.
3). I love bring Mommy my ball, so she can play with me.
4). I love riding in the car.
5). I love making my doggies friends at the dog park run after me.
6). I like bringing Mom's shoes by her, so she can take me for a walk.
7). I love snuggling on Mommy's bed.

Ahh, let see who am I tagging...arff...arfff!
Xux a
Lots of Pei Love,
Let the fun go on!!!dancingsmileapplausehug