Frederick- Theodore

Barked: Mon Apr 30, '07 7:43pm PST 
Hi everyone, Freddy was one of my 10 month old puppies, whom for I spent 7 months looking for a new home for, actually he is the only one I was looking to adopt, since he was the only friendly one. We found this home who took him a couple of days ago, the family is made up of another dog who is 5 years old, an 11 year old kid, the mom and the kid's grandmother. Now at first I thought they would be a good match but now I am very concerned, the only reason why I was looking for a home for Freddy was because he was the only friendly puppy and he was bullied by his mom (doggy mom) and his smaller brother and I though maybe someone who didn't have 5 more dogs would give him more attention. But as it turns out, this new family's life revolves around the kid (I didn't understand because my dogs are my kids) and they are not home much, they said they might just take him to the dog park 1 time a week, when I used to take him 4 or 5 times a weeks with his doggy family. This family is always on activities with the kid and he is at an age where the most important thing are friends, not the dogs. Now I don't understand why a family that doesn't have time for another dog would want one, so why would the want him if they can't provide of a better home? What should I do? I know that he had more attention with me and my boyfriend even though he was with 5 more dogs, should I ask for him back? or am I wrong to think that he is not getting as much attention?. I am soooo sad, I wanted to get him into a family where dogs were the priority and I failed... Please I need some advise on how to approach the situation.