HTML and Comment Features


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Barked: Sun Feb 25, '07 9:03am PST 
My Mom has a wish list that she can write our Dogster blogs in HTML and there's a comment feature, too - so it will look like a real blog.

Will some admin here make her wish comes true? smile

Thanks! hail
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Barked: Sun Mar 4, '07 12:08pm PST 
Ooh, my mom wants that feature, too!

The only problem is that if that feature was implemented Dogster might start being hit with a lot of spam. I don't like spam, not even a little bit and neither does mom.

But, maybe Dogster could offer HTML with DogsterPlus. If they did my mom would sign up for it I bet. snoopy
Vance CGC

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Barked: Wed Mar 7, '07 11:26pm PST 
I'd love a comments feature.

I could honestly care less about HTML, but I can see how it would be useful for a lot of pups.

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Barked: Thu Mar 8, '07 12:13pm PST 
If they do that I'd hope they have an option where we can have it OFF.

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Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 7:58am PST 
Oh! What a great idea! My Momma and I like that too! big grin

I'm sure there would be an option to have it off, like a regular blog would be. smile

~ Calli
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Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 9:39am PST 
That would be totally pawsome. I've always wanted to be able to put pictures in my diary entries. Comments would also be neat, but I would like it if only Dogster people could do it, so there couldn't be any comment spam or mean comments (The humans have seen both before).
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Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 10:33am PST 
There have been times when some one had a comment or a question about one of my diary entries, they would send me a paw mail. I know it's not like comments on other sites because you can't get discussions going but it's helped me clear up some things that I had written and I get to meet lots of friends. Plus I get plenty of mail. More than mom gets! It's not the best solution but it is an option.
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Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 12:57am PST 
I would love to have HTML! I was just writin' an entry 'bout some embarrassin' pics my mom made of me and I really wanted to put the pics in the entryred face...they're on my page, but in the future, if I take 'em off, it'll be very confusin' to anypup readin' it!! shrug I'm keepin' Mom's fingers crossed (I'm too busy to keep my paws crossed!).