Diaries rule........huh?

Pepsi Mondeo

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Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 3:05am PST 
Wanna tell me what you talk about in ur diaries?.................... please do!!!

Luv Pepsi xxx


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Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 9:06am PST 
We talk about what ever happens in our lifes. It ranges from incidents at home, vet trips, walks, holidays, doggy school and anything else that we are involved in. We have also been having some interactive entries with other Dogster pups. We write about having sympathy for another pups experience or about asking a pal for advice, writing a poem for a pal. It is all lots of fun! way to gosnoopy
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Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 9:49am PST 
I think Jelly has said it all! I have read diaries that tell stories and adventures that are sooo exciting.

Pepsi, why don't you just read some diaries and find out.


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Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 3:27pm PST 
My Mommy started "helping" me write my diary when she found out I had mammary cancer & needed two major surgeries. It helped both of us with our fear & frustration...plus I get to show how gosh darn funny I am!! Now that the surgeries are over & hopefully I'm done with they yucky cancer stuff, I like sharing what's going on in my life & in my head. And we like to give back some of the love that we found here on Dogster...my Dogster buddies got us through everything!

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Barked: Sun Feb 18, '07 3:40pm PST 
I write about my days. My daddy lives in another part of the state and reads about my day and feels like he is here with us. I love to write about my adventures, even if its little things, like when I helpped bake a pie for my daddy. I love to read the funny stories other doggies tell. There are some great story tellers on this site. They have a great imagination and tell it from their hearts. When they are sad you can feel their pain, when they are happy you can feel that too. It also helps too because we go thur the same things sometimes. That's why I like to write in my diary.
Abby Grace

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Barked: Tue Feb 20, '07 8:55am PST 
I write about every day events from a doggy's point of view. On occassion, I like to write about something silly (from my point of view, anyway) that my parents do -- like my daddy and his vacuum cleaning obsession!

Barked: Fri Feb 23, '07 11:09am PST 
I write about my life...& the adventures my sister Helga & I have! It makes me happy to have dogs pup mail me & say they love my diary!!