travel anxiety

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Stranger Danger- Rescue Ranger is- ready!
Barked: Fri Apr 26, '13 4:53am PST 
Hi all,

Wasn't sure if I should have this here or in the behaviour/training section, but here goes.

I have a two year old border collie mix that I adopted a little over a month ago. I was looking for a dog that was good with cats, had the energy to go hiking/walking/camping/dog sports, good in the car and a generally happy dog. Ranger is everything that I could have hoped for....except in the car.

Ranger walks to the car and hops in without question, but immediately starts to drool. I'm not talking a little drool, I'm talking coats the hatchback, himself and the floor with mucusy type drool which pours from his mouth.

He is willing to take treats in the car and ONLY drives to fun places (dog parks) to try and make the experience more inviting. I take corners and speed changes slowly, dont feed him for at least an hour before we go, drive with the windows down, no loud music and have tried the Thundershirt on him (that was a waste of money).

It's such a shame because I got Ranger with the intention of having him with me 24/7 except for when I am working. However, it doesn't look fun to him and it's hard taking him to friend's houses as the drool continues for about 30 minutes after we arrive at our destination.

Currently I drive a Honda Fit with has the dog gate in the back so he rides in the hatch. I have tried leaving him free and having him attached in the back.

I have some new non-drowsy anxiety meds that I am going to be trying him on this weekend, but I would love some non-drug related options to try.