Pet friendly vacation, considering St Louis or New Orleans

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Barked: Sun Mar 3, '13 10:21pm PST 
I'm hoping to get out of town in a few weeks and would like to take my dog with me.

I'd chose a pet-friendly hotel and try to focus on pet friendly experiences, but I'm wondering what those of you who travel with your dogs do when you want to do something where pets aren't allowed. I'd be afraid to leave my dog in the hotel room! I guess doggie daycare is an option in a different city.

Any tips? Is there another city you'd recommend for a dog-friendly trip in TN, MO, ARK, LA? I'm trying to avoid a plane trip or a trip longer than about 5 hours on the road.
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Barked: Mon Mar 4, '13 4:12pm PST 
I took Bianca to St Louis a few years ago, it was fun. We also went to Springfield Il. When we wanted to do non dog friendly stuff we took her to dog daycare. I also went with family so we could take turns with her, for example when we went to the farmers market we took turns going inside with one persons holding her leash outside.
One thing to keep in mind, a lot of dog daycare places require reservations and you have to do an evaluation ahead of time before your dog can be accepted to them, so you need to research places first. The one we went to, you could do basically "day boarding" where the dogs have their own kennel runs, not with other dogs, so they don't need an evaluation ahead of time(which we couldn't do since we didn't live in the area). Also make sure to find out their health/vaccination requirements.

Here is a post from another forum I made about my trip:
http://www.germanshepherds.com/forum/pictures-pictures-pictur es/115068-biancas-vacation-part-two-st-louis-stories-pics.html

I had also posted previously asking what things there were to do there, here is that post:
http://www.germanshepherds.com/forum/general-information/1128 05-st-louis-dog-friendly-activities.html

I also went to the Smoky Mountains in TN before with my previous dogs for vacation. We stayed in a cabin instead of a hotel, so I was able to have them stay in the cabin (in an x-pen) when we wanted to go out without them. I do like to stay in cottages/cabins when possible.
Here's a page of photos from that trip:

If those addresses don't work look for any blank spaces in between the letters and remove them, the. It should work.

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Hi Bianca,

Thanks for responding. I've been to Springfield before, but we didn't stop by St. Louis on the way. I do seem to remember Springfield being very pet friendly. That was before I had a dog.

Your links to the GS forum take me back to the main forum page at that site. Not sure why they aren't working.

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Look for any blank spaces in the links, and take those out and then they should work. Dogster sometimes randomly inserts blank spaces in links for some reason. confused

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New Orleans is very pet friendly. We took Lulu (my beagle) with us to the French Quarter and it was great. Dogs can't go in all the shops, but there's lots of pet friendly hotels and lots of restaurants with pet friendly porches.

The only thing -- watch for the carriages with the mules. Lulu kept barking at them, and locals were not appreciative. Barking will set a mule running!

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