Dog-sitter or Kennel?

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Some things are- just meant to- be.
Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 12:07pm PST 
I have arranged a trip without my 2 pups....and I have mixed feelings about what I should do with them... I have already lined up a dog-sitter that will stop by at least 3 times a day to check on the dogs, feed and walk but by Dogsitter I mean a friend, not professional dogsitter and my dogs aren't bad but also not the easiest dog(s) to handle, plus I get the sense she is coming to handle business and not hang out too long after the care is done with....So I'm torn if I should stick with the plan or look into Kenneling them which would involved getting them both a bordatella shots (they are update outside of that one shot) but just for that one shot and vet visit for two dogs would be costly.

Reasons I concerned both ways:
If staying at my place: Main concerns is the amount of time Lucy will be locked up in crate which is probably 22 hours worst case and Syddalee being left for 4 days she has separation anxiety and could start whining which would be a huge problem since I live in an apartment complex.

If Kenneling the main drawbacks is the money involved plus Lucy was a feral dog and could very well think she is back a shelter and training could regress and Syddalee was left in a crate her first 6 months by previous owner who majorly neglected her and is the reason she flips out in a crate now and has separation anxiety. She tends to be an escape artist too...I've had a doggy daycare facility call after syddalee went missing when locked kenneled for lunchtime on her first visit. Luckily she was their washing room and not outside of the establishment....

What would you do....

Barked: Fri Oct 26, '12 3:39pm PST 
I have solved all my traveling issues by searching Dogvacay.com I've used these services 6 times since last May, and I've had GREAT experiences every single time. Most people find a location near home. But I find a location near where I am doing business, and find a dog friendly motel. I use them as a doggy day care, and after the business day is done, I pick them up and bring them to the motel with me. It gives me the freedom to do what I need to do, still have the companionship of my dogs on the road, and of course, I do my own feeding, and can keep tabs on them. I have had terrific experiences with them

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Barked: Sun Oct 28, '12 5:49pm PST 
Well, my mom and I do professional pet sitting, so I'm biased in that regard. I know Brittany has always HATED going to kennels, and depending on the kennel they go to, they don't get out much anyway (there's a local one around here, that dogs always come home exhausted because he spends so much time with them. big grin ).

Britt and Bello both stay with my friend if we have to leave them. Even my mom and I don't like staying longer with pets then we have too because we want to go home to OUR own animals. So what I would say is offer incentives to your friend to encourage her to stay longer. For my friend it was the ability to bring her dog with her.

Dr. Watson

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Barked: Mon Oct 29, '12 11:54am PST 
I've had no problem with medium sized and small kennels. The small kennel once in an medical emergency out of town had to keep Watson for 6 weeks. He prefers to play with people rather than other dogs, and they made sure to accomodate this. That said, I will probably be looking at a sitter as I have so many dogs now. And anyway, I employ a sheep sitter, although she only comes once a day, lol

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Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 7:03am PST 
I do the dog sitter mostly because I don't give my dogs a bordatella vaccine which is typically required by a boarding kennel. I would take them there if I really needed to, though.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Thu Nov 1, '12 10:27pm PST 
We went the sitter route because Chance would not do well in a kennel environment.

Some things are- just meant to- be.
Barked: Fri Nov 2, '12 9:04am PST 
Seems like a dog-sitter is the way to go from this discussion. I would definitely think they would prefer to say in their own home and if only they understood the backup plan was a vet's kennel...I'm sure they would be angels.

I told my friend to watch out for any whining when leaving or arriving and know she will give them two good walks a day and hoping with a rotation of toys and treats they will be too busy to care they're alone. Lucy I'm sure won't care and hopefully her presence is better then nothing. I'm also thinking I'll have my friend put on Syddalee's thundershirt overnight to keep her calm.

When I called to check kennel pricing it was crazy! I worked in kennels for 8 years, and stopped around 2004 and I almost fell over when I was quoted $60.00 per day for two dogs to sit in a kennel and eat the food I bring. CRAZY! Not even counting what taking them in for just a boardatella shot.

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Barked: Sat Nov 3, '12 12:07pm PST 
I think if she's your friend, she'll probably invest some more time with your dogs...

I don't know if they have these kinds of companies in your area, but where I live there's a company that allows you to send your dog to a host family. They're people that will be with the dog pretty much the entire day and will provide much a second home. We found it a better choice than kennels { the dogs may not receive adequate exercise or TLC, and you have to pay for people to come and give your dog some playtime } and pet-sitting { people may not have enough time to devote to your dogs }. Host families usually tend to be cheaper, as well.

But if you're choosing between pet-sitting and kennels, I'd say pet-sitting is the way to go. Best of luck, and have a great vacation!

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Barked: Mon Nov 12, '12 3:56pm PST 
You know your dogs better than anyone, but I personally find it better to leave my puppy in a kennel when I'm gone. Kennels vary A LOT in how good they are... some will just lock your dog in a crate for 23 hours a day, and some let your dog run around and socialize with other dogs all day. I've even found a couple kennels where the dogs are together 24 hours a day in a big area! There are even places which will read your dog a bed-time story and play "pet friendly" movies (which I think is pretty unnecessary).

I think if you can find a good kennel, it's always better to have your dogs supervised all day and running around with other dogs than left alone, locked up for days on end. My pup really loves socializing, and I'm sure it makes him forget all about me. The kennel I use lets the dogs play all day (which can be watched on a webcam), and give report cards on pick-up that cover everything about the dog's stay, including each meal eaten, who he played with, and anything else that might happen.

That beings said, like you can imagine there are some really awful kennels out there which are probably worse than being in a shelter. Make sure you check a kennel out (don't go by their website), and get a feeling for the staff and how happy the dogs are, and obviously don't leave your dogs in a kennel that makes you even a little bit uncomfortable.

And for what it's worth, the kennel cough vaccine is usually given intranasally, so it probably won't be a "shot".
Savannah Blue Belle

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Barked: Tue Nov 13, '12 9:42am PST 
I AGONIZE over this every time I have to do it. I have had a dogsitter come in once when Savvy was a puppy and too young to board. But I have a fabulous kennel and I really think they like going there. Of course, I still agonize. Last year was Cookie's first board over and she has some issues, so I was not comfortable but steeled myself and did it anyway. She was fine. Even happy!

Now If I could just calm down about it.
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