Traveling with my Sparky, how do I calm him?

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Sparky - the spark of the- family!
Barked: Sat Jan 7, '12 12:58pm PST 
Sparky will be going with me back home for my husband's deployment and though he's usually not vocal at home, he hates strangers, so I'm afraid he will be barking in the flight because of the random people.

I bought Pro-Pet Anti Stress Calming Tabs at walmart but I'm afraid that won't be enough due to the reviews I find online. I KNOW he'll bark. When we go out walking he barks at absolutely every single person/dog he sees.

I don't want him to give me too much trouble because I'll be having my daughter with me and won't really have the patience to deal with BOTH of them giving me trouble. It's a 10+ hour flight with stops so a 3 year old tantrum + a dog barking = hell

Any suggestions?
I heard that I wouldn't be allowed on the plane if they noticed the dog was sedated but I would much prefer it!

1. Have you had your small dog sedated for flight? If so,, how much did it cost and how long did it last?
2. If you don't agree with sedation, what would you recommend?

I can't leave him here because I am MOVING back home. It's not a vacation I'll be gone for a year. Everywhere else I ask they just tell me to leave him and that is NOT an option! (Everywhere being other sites)

Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Sat Jan 7, '12 4:24pm PST 
As a military spouse I'm going to say something that some won't feel is PC. You created the monster, you need to make time to correct it so the rest of the plane doesn't view other military spouses or even "purse dog" owners in a poor light.

First, whether he's going as checked baggage or in-cabin, he needs to be acclimated to his travel container.

Second, no, none of the airlines will take obviously tranquilized pets. It can depress their respiration, especially when in the hold. If the dog is going as carry-on (in-cabin) you can get with your vet for something a bit more sedating, but keep in mind that if something happens, it's all on you and during check-in the dog has to be able to stand up and turn around. Your other alternative is Benedryl, for both dog and kid, just do a trial run beforehand (on both) to make sure it doesn't make either hyper.

In the meantime, work on desensitizing him to the things that set him off. If he shows out too much before boarding, you can be removed from the plane.

dog-sitter in- charge.
Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 12:14pm PST 
I agree with Scooter, but really, if you think your dog will carry on the entire time, I would just check him all the way through instead of taking him in-cabin.


Work hard; Play- harder.
Barked: Mon Jan 9, '12 2:50pm PST 
True, Lilith. Someone had a yappy little purse accessory (barking/growling off and on) on the red eye from San Fran to Newark when we were coming back from Seoul. Scooter just rolled his eyes and snorted. The flight attendants were even ready to kick them off; had the dog done that before we took off, they wouldn't have been on the flight.