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I dig in mud- puddles!
Barked: Tue Dec 20, '11 11:07pm PST 
70 lb Rexy wears a medium but she has some odd proportions (small waist and very deep chest).

Don't disturb me- I'm on fly- patrol!
Barked: Mon Dec 26, '11 11:16am PST 
Guess I'll get a small for an after Christmas present since I just got payed from walking the neighbors dog while she was out of town.
Bianca CGC- TT HIC Thd- ♥

What big ears- you have...
Barked: Mon Dec 26, '11 2:52pm PST 
If they fit two sizes of packs I'd always go for the smaller one.


Barked: Thu Dec 29, '11 11:35am PST 
Kato wears a small. He's over 50 lbs but does have a slender frame.

I have to tighten the straps significantly to fit him.

Here's him in his backpack.

Barked: Fri Dec 30, '11 11:13am PST 
I just got a small Palisades at Cabelas for $70 (half price!) and it fits both my 50 pound dogs. Juneau is like Kato, very slender, and Sasha is a bit more barrel chested and I was surprised it fit her. But if you are unsure of what size to get, try to find a store that carries Ruff Wear products (sometimes if you ask, REI will let you take your dog in) and try some on just to be sure.

Conker's got an older style XS Approach II that I modified so it works like a Palisades.
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