Long international flight help!

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Barked: Tue Aug 23, '11 10:06am PST 
I am going to be moving from Arizona all the way to Argentina. I am going in November to avoid any extreme weather, for Bailey's sake since she's flying as cargo. I'll probably pick a flight with one stop to make it easier on Bailey so it'll give her a chance to get out and pee, etc.

Any tips? Recommendations? Suggestions?

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Barked: Tue Aug 23, '11 11:49am PST 
just have all your paperwork from the vet and also any custom and/or quarantine ones lined up and re-reviewed!

happy trails!

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Barked: Thu Aug 25, '11 4:57am PST 
Bailey, I agree with Lilith...When you call for requirements on paper work make sure you know within how many days the health certificate must be done. For some it's only 1 week or not accepted. Also dog can't be tranqualized as it can't control it's body temp.


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Barked: Fri Aug 26, '11 10:28am PST 
about 15 years ago I moved to GSD's from the US to Austria...then two years later from Austria to New Zealand. Would never do this by choice, but sometimes life leaves you few choices. They both did great...and both were a bit geriatric when they moved. Abigail was 16 when we all moved to NZ...Hannah was was 14. Both dogs did great. No sedation. Coped very well....in fact I think they did better than I did as they were together and I was alone. smile Came out of NZ quarantine looking terrific and healthy with no obvious aftereffects. They both lived another two wonderful years in NZ wtih me before falling into their permanent sleep...Abby at 18; Hannah 4 months later at 16. Loved those two girls.

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Barked: Thu Sep 22, '11 1:54am PST 
You'd have to pick a stop with a major layover or with an airline change to get them to allow you access to the dog. If you change airlines it can mean having to deal with customs/quarantine offices. Some airports will not allow you to leave certain areas if you have carry-on or checked pets that do not meet the country's import requirements.

The one drawback I see is that it will be Summer in Argentina, so the weather may be too warm. I'd check to see what the average high temps are for the area you are moving to; Dogs can't fly when temps are over 85. You might also want to prepare for the cold weather acclimation certificate/letter; it covers temps between 20 and 45F.

My best piece of advice is to make 2-3 copies of all of your paperwork in addition to your originals and get one of the folders that has several sections so you can collate your copies into packets (rabies certificate, health certificate, international certificate, FAVN, or other required info).