Anyone flown with a 15lb mini schnauzer or similar?

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Dozer ~ CGC

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Barked: Sun Jul 31, '11 2:30pm PST 
I don't want to be the one at the end of the flight holding the empty leash.

I won't risk it with *my* dog. If I did ever fly with Dozer, and I was turned away, I would drive instead. Driving would proably be my first choise, actually.

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Barked: Mon Aug 1, '11 11:01am PST 
"I've shipped over 200 dogs and puppies through the years with NO problems. If you read the airline animal incident reports 95% of the time something happens, the owner is 50% or more at fault either by shipping sick/diseased/aged animals or by not having the animal acclimated to the crate."


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Barked: Tue Aug 2, '11 1:41pm PST 
You should take a look at Sherpa bags. They are airline approved soft sided carriers and probably the most popular in-cabin travel carrier (they also come in multiple sizes, so you can choose the one large enough to meet your dogs needs). I think Delta and American Airlines also make their own line of soft sided carriers.

I agree that slightly cramped is much better than cargo. Too many risks with cargo. I have heard and read one too many stories of pets getting lost, injured, or even died.

Let me know what you decide and how it goes!

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