Leaving your dog outside stores/restaurants/etc

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H, my angel- in heaven.

Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 6:48pm PST 
I live in the city and don't have a car so I walk to a lot of places to do errands. I see people sometimes leave their dogs tied up outside the grocery store or a coffee shop. Usually I'm amazed at how well behaved they are just sitting there waiting. My dog would probably bark her head off and definitely not sit still.

I always wish I could bring her with me and do that so she could walk with me. But I don't know how I feel about leaving her out of my sight. I'm sure most people going about their business are not going to want to come up and steal my dog, but I would just be devastated if I ran into a store for 5 minutes and when I came back she was gone!

Does anyone else do this? Or would you?

On that same note, there are a lot of businesses that leave water bowls out for dogs when the weather is warm. I think that's very nice :]

Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 7:05pm PST 
Neither of my dogs are "valuable" in the sense that they are just mixed breed dogs and couldn't be sold for a lot of money. I still would never leave them unattended in a public place. Buddy is very afraid of strangers and would never leave with anybody, but Maya loves everyone and would gladly jump into a stranger's car. Buddy and Maya are like my children and I would never forgive myself if something happened to them because I left them unattended. It's just not worth the risk!

mischief is my- middle name
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 9:02pm PST 
After having two dogs stolen from me when I lived in OK, I would never risk it. The two I had stolen from me were a pit bull mix and a Manchester terrier mix, neither of which were "valuable" except as bait dogs... cry So, even with ungainly mutt types, I'd still never risk it. It's not worth the heartbreak and never knowing what became of them. frown

Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 9:27pm PST 
I don't and I wouldn't.

I do not trust people to behave appropriately with a strange animal as they can't seem to do it even when I am standing right there.

too old to eat- any more KD
Barked: Sat Apr 30, '11 10:15pm PST 
I've done it. My last guy was a dream..didn't need to be tied up..sat & waited for you. I have left the boys a few times now, but I try to get to the store early so there isn't a lot of traffic or people in the parking lot. I tie them so they can see the door, but not close enough to impede anyone coming in. Squ'mey howls a bit but would never let anyone touch him so I don't worry too much. I like being able to work on obedience, dog walk & errands all in one trip! laugh out loud But I am also inherently lazy red face

Barked: Sun May 1, '11 6:07am PST 
I do it all the time. But yesterday during a non-profit expo, my dog was doing area searches for people throwing coins in deep grass. As he found the coins, he would bring them as donations and put them in the donation bucket. I was fingerprinting children in the identa-kid program, when I saw my dog running off with a kid. The grandmother was watching and following along. I called him, (fearing he might be out of hearing range by then) and he spun around and came back. The boy and his grandmother returned, and made another attempt to steal him. We were watching that time. We were not in our usual area where we live. This kid was receiving encouragement to steal him from his grandma. Had his grandma tried it, we would have had police all over her. She was hiding behind a tree encouraging him on how to take him.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 8:37am PST 
I would never do it.

Our friend with the fat, stranger-shy, lazy blob of a large-breed black mutt ties her dog up outside of the convenience store down the street once a week.

One day last fall, she came out 2 minutes after going in to find her dog being chased into traffic by a guy.
She managed to catch the dog before she got hit by a car and when she asked the guy what he was doing he said he didn't mean for the dog to get loose and he was trying to catch her.

A witness said he'd walked up to her, grabbed her collar and unhooked her but couldn't hang onto the collar when she struggled to get away.

Black dogs rock!
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 11:37am PST 
I have never done it but I did see it done a few years ago. A guy tied up a Dalmatian to the top of the garbage can lid outside the store. Someone pet it and it freaked out. It pulled on the garbage can lid, which came off, and he/she was dragging the lid behind. The more he/she ran, the more the lid spooked the Dalmatian and the faster it ran. It was very scary since it ran into the road. The owner caught up with it a couple of days later. They were very lucky.
Ginger DSA- ThD TT CGC - &hearts

My Angel
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 1:49pm PST 
I've done it in the past but very rarely and only in certain situations.
I had a "DogLock" locking leash, it is made for just that type of thing. It has steel wire inside it and a lock so no one can just walk off with your dog. It's not theft-proof-- if someone really wanted to they could cut through it with bolt cutters or something most likely, but it would take a while to do that, so it is a deterrent.
The leashes were made by Ruffwear but they don't make them anymore. You may be able to find one online somewhere if you really wanted one though.

Recently I was at a drugstore, and there was a dog standing outside. I thought it was weird. The dog was not tied up, but was standing totally still next to the store. He was standing there when I went in, and when I came back out he was still standing in the exact same position, then I saw a guy come out of the store and 'release' his dog and they walked off. It was a little odd because this was next to the parking lot, there is a sidewalk up against the wall of the store where people walk and then next to that is the driving area of the parking lot. I just thought it was odd to leave your dog standing there loose right next to where cars pull up and in the middle of where people walk, even if they will stay in place.

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AKA Baby Face
Barked: Sun May 1, '11 3:03pm PST 
I never leave my dog out of sight someone could steal her.
I have walked to the video store and posted her, but I am right there and well I don't think too many would approach a huge gsd but they might.
She sits and waits. But some dogs could chew loose and run off or get hit by a car or someone could steal them. When I go to the video store the whole store has windows so I never have to take my eyes off her. Or I go there to return it and it's right there.
I give her a treat if she sits nicely.
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