wow, this isn't easy...

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Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 2:51pm PST 
hi travellers!
i need some advise please.
i'm travelling from Grenada, West Indies to NYC in a couple of weeks.
i need my shots and health certificate.
what innoculations should i get?
of course rabies and distemper but what else do you reccomend?
should i get a lepto shot?
parvo virus?
some others?
i am 3 years old and it's said that i got my first year innoculations but have no paper work from then. i am in very good shape but i am heartworm positive (if that affects what shots to get).
i also have two big worries.
1. i haven't found a large crate yet. i sure hope i can find one!
2. i want to fly on an airline called Caribbean Airlines. They are asking for not only the dimensions of the crate i will be travelling in (i gave them the measurements from a large PETMATE crate i looked up online, (it appears to be the generic size), thinking we will deal with any discrepencies later, but they are also asking for the weight of the dog plus the carrier?
the travel agent sent an email saying that all dogs travel in the cabin?
now this sounds marvelous, i would love it if i could travel in the cabin with nina and her mommy but they say they have never heard of a big dog like me travelling in the cabin??
they are supposed to be travelling in a jet, not a little plane (at least i sure hope so!!!)..what do they care about the weight of the dang carrier?
we are so nervous...not sure we can even pull this off..boy do we need reassurance! does this sound weird to anybody else?

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Barked: Mon Apr 11, '11 7:02pm PST 
A standard US 5 way or 7 way plus rabies. A certificate from your vet attesting to the health of the dog, and, check Quarantine laws from your country to the USA, there can be up to a 90 day quarantine, which may mean it is pointless to bring the dog just for a holiday.

Louie the bold!
Barked: Tue Apr 12, '11 12:13pm PST 
Spongie... all you NEED is Rabies and the Health certificate. I would not do distemper due to the Heartworm, nor any of the others, UNLESS required for export. Import here is fine without them. She is at the top of her immunity for those anyway due to her age AND her street history. She won't be exposed to lepto or KC or Lymes as she will be kenneled for the HW treatment.
Glad the crate worked out okay!!!!!!!
See ya soon, I hope!

Toto, CD, RN, CGC

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Barked: Tue Apr 12, '11 12:41pm PST 
Halo...why would you suggest a 5 way or, worse yet, a 7 way distemper vaccine for a 3 year old, previously vaccinated HEART WORM POSITIVE dog????? That sounds like a great way to further destroy an already compromised immune system!
I do not know of ANY vet that would do that... if I did, I would be finding another vet in a big hurry.
The dog is not coming for a holiday, she is coming for Heartworm treatment and placement as she is currently a street dog in Grenada. Sorry, I guess you WOULDN't know that from the OP, but, it was pretty clearly stated that she was previously vaccinated AND currently heart worm positive.
Except for Hawaii, the US does not require ANY quarantine for incoming dogs since Rabies is already present in the US mainland. Quarantine is to PREVENT the importation of rabies in countries where there are no rabies.

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Barked: Tue Apr 12, '11 5:49pm PST 
Oh Spongie, you are going to NYC?! You made it! How awesome. I know you were worried for a while there. Hooray! We're so happy for you! This must mean you feel lots better! big grin

Eppy's making a different overseas move soon too (well, okay maybe not soon, but in half a year or so). We'll be world travelers, you and me!


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Barked: Wed Apr 13, '11 3:48am PST 
oh thanks very much! i would have gotten the 5 way, i had no idea it would hurt me!
we are on a lucky streak and bumped into the vet for the second time at the market!
(couldn't reach her by phone that very day)
she is coming by tonight to give me the shots..i will just follow your advice and get only the rabies if it's okay with the dept of agriculture here (i will give them a call and double check if they have any export rules).
louie, the vet didn't say anything about weakening her immune system, but she doesn't know that she got her first year shots. to be honest, we don't know what that entails as it was done for free and they also spayed me at the same time. way to go
i have been living with nina for a few months now and i appear to be very healthy. the only reason nina's mommy suspected the heartworm was because i get out of breath after a long hike and she thought i should have a lot more stamina for a young dog. i hope it isn't too far advanced, i got a blood test and it came back positive. my coat is now gorgeous and i picked up quite a bit of weight, i look really good!
thanks halo, you didn't know i am going to be an American Dog!!!!!! way to go
keep your paws crossed everybody..we aren't through the woods yet..we get our ticket and the crate today if all goes as hoped! party