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Hailey RIP- 6*28*2011

Barked: Sat Jul 16, '11 9:13am PST 
This just was so touching... she actually passed away 18 days ago.. left behind 2 amazing puppies.... she died on the table.... lets rewind....... 12 week prior to having pups she was brutally attacked by a pit... so she went under for emergency surgery to remove her eye and put her jaw back together.. she came thru with flying colors.... and on June 27 she delivered 2 healthy girls.. and the last pup was stuck very high and sideways.. we tried OXY and nothing would make it budge.. he still had a heart beat ... or she... we really didnt want to put her under as she was just under.. but it was our only option... and we put her under very lightly.. as soon as we did she crashed we didnt even get to open her up.... we did an us and didnt find a heartbeat on that last pup... so we left her as is..... no one expected this at all..... everyone that was there for her... was so devastated..
the dr said she thinks it was too much anesthesia for her in such a short period...
So thank you again for picking my Hailey for Dog of the Day smile

here is her video........ Everyday I miss her so much.. but i have her daughters that live within her..