Black Jack

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Black Jack

I can beat all- odds
Barked: Thu Oct 8, '09 8:21pm PST 
Hi I'm Black Jack and man I have been on the adventure of my life!

Well first of all I was a drop off at the Animal Controll. No one knows my story so my past is for me to know.

But I was stuck in a cage for a long time and then suddenly I was tested for heart worms and guess what I was positive.

So I was placed on the next list to be... well forced to rainbow road. My day came to for me to be put down, but I was lucky a rescue offered to pay for treatment but the problem was I needed a foster mom. But the place I'm at there are so many dogs looking for homes already and most foster homes are taken up who would want to take me in and keep me for months through my treatment.

My last chance was up again after this weekend I would be dead.....

But a call came in and once again I survived death a second time.

I just went to the vet because I'm very skinny only to relize I have two more types of worms Hook and Whip!

So today I traveled to yet another house I'm so scared because I have so far gone from my first home to the life of a kennel for two weeks then another two weeks at my foster moms house to a new guy who has new dogs as well!

I'm so confused were do I belong? I hear I have to go back to my foster mom back to this guy and get lots of medical treatment and spend so much time in a kennel and I don't like kennels.

I want to get better and I want a loveing family. Please keep me in your thoughts I could realy use your help

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