Happy Birthday to Miss Mirra - DOTD!

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Angus The- Warrior

Wag well and wag- often.
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 8:54am PST 
Today is Mirra's birthday and Dogster HQ has given her the most pawsome gift--she's DOTD! Please join me in wishing her a very Happy Birthday. Mirra and her family (The Marvelous M Girls) do so much for pets with auto immune diseases. Let's raise our tails in the air, wiggle our butts everywhere and celebrate Mirra's special day.

Woo! Woo!

Angel- Mica-the- wonderpup

Barked: Sat May 30, '09 9:05am PST 
blue doghappy dancesnoopycheer
TY uncle Angus..
Angel Stryker & i are smiling large today FUR miss mirra..
miracle that she is, we thank you FUR the kind words & being one grand Uncle man too.

we're very proud & hope she has a special day. her big sister is due out & that always means extra she-nanny-gins..
angel mica & the watchersfromabove
didnt plan on that rhyming
little angel
♥- DarlaMae - ♥

I Am- Iron Nose- !
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 1:43pm PST 
cheerHappy 2nd Birthday Mirra!cheer
Hope you have a wonderful day with your family sweet grrrl.dog
happy dance Dog of the day pick is wonderful gift too. WooHoohappy dance
party Enjoy all the love and goodies dear pal.party

Takoda CGC

Barked: Sat May 30, '09 3:56pm PST 
Have a Super Happy Birthday Mirra and Congratulations on Dog of the Day, you surely deserve it and what a fabulous Birthday present.partypartypartypartypartypartywisheswishes

I'm a sweet- girl.
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 5:11pm PST 
Happy Birthday Mirra!

Barked: Sat May 30, '09 9:15pm PST 
TY 2 my swell uncle angus & all my wonderful friends.. it was a special woofday, & be dog of the day.. TY dogster dog & all our special mates..
the Sisters 3 decided to make a donation for mica's IMHA fund..

of everybuddy out there..
they thought of everypup too.

danke Sisters3- may you all be blessed..
they say i danced a lot today..
i'd like to do a dance FUR you too mica!
☪ Sweet- Angel KJ

Moms- Shadow- Forever
Barked: Sun May 31, '09 8:52am PST 
Beautiful Mirra, we cannot believe we missed such a GRAND day! Happy belated woofday wishes to you & CONGRATS on being DOG OF THE DAY TOO! You bring so much love & friendship to so many & do so much in the fight against IMHA. We are so proud to have a furiend like you!

All our Love,
KJ & Family
happy danceblue doghappy dance
♥- Penny/Sassy

Barked: Sun May 31, '09 7:53pm PST 
Happy Birthday Mirra partypartypartypartyparty

Barked: Thu Jun 4, '09 12:13pm PST 
snoopycheerblue dog
we want to THANK the Dogster Dog FUR the high honors of DOTD.. it was PAWticularly swell that it came to me on my BarkDay.. my 2nd.
Sorry if we have not thanks Pupperly, ALL of our mates FUR kind wishes & woofs, and PAWresents too. lots of things grind 2 a halt IF an IMHA dog shows itself..

we also had a people meltdown- or should i say a PAWeople tool- that affects us as well.
the refrigerator decided to go kaput. every nit of my homemade liver snacks went too.
it was a wonderful day & so thank you to everypup who contributed to it. you guys are the best. LOVE from all of us m's..