Petco Revamped?

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Barked: Fri Dec 7, '12 9:31am PST 
I don't normally shop at Petco/Petsmart, but I went in the other day. It had been quite a while since I'd been in there, and I was seriously in awe of all the changes they made to the store. Swapped everything around. They've loaded the food department with "healthier" alternatives. Even have a Fridge/Freezer for Raw food. They still carry the cheaper, not as good brands (beneful, SD, etc.) but they put them in the far back corner of the store and aren't drawing any attention to them. Bully sticks and antlers galore.

Then to top it all off, they put in a little flier with the items I purchased that stated why giving puppies as gifts for the Holidays isn't the best idea.

Holy crap, awesome job Petco.way to go

Anybody else seen these changes in their local Petco?

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Barked: Fri Dec 7, '12 10:18am PST 
Yep! The Petco we go to was remodeled a few months ago. It looks really nice now. They also started carrying some frozen raw food and some cooked refrigerated food (of course the mark up is ridiculous, but at least they carry that stuff now!) The change I was most impressed about was, they added a clean up station in case of accidents!! laugh out loud I can't believe they didn't have one before! big laugh

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