Dog Halloween Costumes

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Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 9:20am PST 
I wasn't sure where to put this so if it's in the wrong place hope the mod's will move it.

Anyway, how many of you have Halloween costumes for your dogs? And what are they? Looking for some cute ideas for Caesar. I think he'd tolerate a costume well.
Bella and- Daisy CGC

I'm a Meanie
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 10:11am PST 
Daisy is a lady bug, Bella (at least for some pictures) will be a bumble bee.

I just bought cheap human wings...add some fleece to hold it around their body and tada!

If you live near a target...they had a ton of dog costumes.

Wonder pup in- the making.
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 11:41am PST 
Vivace is going to be a fairy again this year. We cheated and just bought some wings from the dollar store and cut the bottom out of one of my daughter's old baton outfits. Then I took some of these little finger lights and sewed them onto the wings. They looked really cool last year. Not to mention it helped with letting drivers know were we were walking on some dark areas while trick or treating with the kids.

Skippy doesn't dress up. He stays at home chilling since he doesn't like all the strange people and other dogs.

Ch. Ali, CGC

We don't do- doodles!!
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 5:57pm PST 
Our kennel is sponsoring a howlaween dog parade this year. It is GREAT fun and a good fundraiser for our rescue spay/neuter fund.
Ali is going with one of her little people friends and the little girl told me today that her costume was going to be a empty gallon tub of Vanilla Ice Cream with holes cut for her legs and the cap as a hat. What a GREAT IDEA!!!!
I jokingly said that she liked chocolate ice cream and the little girl informed me that she was VANILLA cuz she was white, BOL!!!

Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 6:29pm PST 
Now that's too cute. I'm thinking Caesar as a Rock Star. Shiny shirt, black wig, chains and medallions around his neck, maybe a clip-on earring on his ear. Oh, and one of those Paper Jam guitars slung over his back! Should be easy enough right?!! LOL!
Ava & Nix

Suburban Farm- Dogs
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 7:31pm PST 
I want to get Ava an aviator/pilot costume, because I call her "Super Friendly Aviator" (reference to "The Zephyr Song" by Red Hot Chili Peppers... lol) and it would just be so perfect, but I haven't been able to find one that's good enough for my doggy costume standards (or one that fits her, anyways) and I'm just way too lazy to make her one myself. laugh out loud

On a trip to Petsmart we stopped by the halloween costumes and dressed Nix up as a pretty pink fairy... or was it a fancy unicorn? I can't remember, but it was pink and sparkly whatever it was. big laugh We didn't get it though. He'd outgrow it by Halloween anyways.

Little Fox
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 8:14pm PST 
So far, Tika has be a ladybug and a French maid. This year, I'm considering a harem girl outfit. laugh out loud

Here she is as a French maid:

Pic 1

Pic 2

Oh, and Lily wore a little pumpkin dress!


Lenny -The- Wrecking Ball
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 8:30pm PST 
My mom wants to dress Lenny up this year, but I am doubting his tolerance. But we joke he kinda looks like underdog, and I think he'd be able to live with a red cape with an "U" on it since it wore a coat last winter and did absolutely fine.

Great ideas! All of the pictures and ideas are cute.

How You Doin'?
Barked: Mon Oct 3, '11 8:37pm PST 
Chance has been a ballerina, a hula dancer and a Holstein cow dog. This year I'm hoping to make her a police dog.

Nukka- Play with me!!
Barked: Tue Oct 4, '11 6:35am PST 
I have never done costumes on my dogs, but my sister does for hers.

I think it would be really funny to dress Nukka as Little Bo Peep... you know, a shepherd dressed as a shepherdess... big laugh
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