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Barked: Mon Jan 27, '14 11:41am PST 
Hi all! I'm gonna try to keep this nice and short. I currently have 3 furbabies - 2 Pit Bulls (3 years old; 9 months) and a Beagle (2 years). Unfortunately I need to move from my current home by April 1st, and am having a very hard time finding a place that will accept my pack. I know 3 dogs is a lot, and it's even harder with 2 of them being Pit Bulls, but I am determined to do whatever I can to keep my babies. I've searched everywhere online for Pit Bull friendly rentals and have not had any luck. I'm feeling a little helpless, and I guess I'm really just wondering if anyone could lead me in the right direction...or am I just fighting a losing battle here? As I've told everyone else I've talked to, I would rather be on the streets with my pack than get rid of them, and I still stand by that. But I would really, really like to find a home that would welcome my pack.

So what should I do, Dogster? Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of finding a home that will allow me to keep my babies? Any advice? I'm not going to be doing anything for the rest of the day, so feel free to ask any questions that you may need to ask.

Thanks everyone, really love this community, hope you all can help smile

(Also if this is the wrong place to post could it please be moved? Really wasn't sure where it would go)

Sad-Eyed Doggie- of the Lowlands
Barked: Mon Jan 27, '14 4:24pm PST 
Well first things first, my Callie looks like Lion's long lost brother. But on township records and vet records Callie is a terrier mix. Like it or not the "P" word often has very negative connotations.

A good bet might be renting half of a two family and/or offering additional $$$ for security if a landlord might be willing to work with you. But really terrier mix can make a lot of difference with some people.
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Barked: Mon Jan 27, '14 10:19pm PST 
You could write up a pet resume for each of your dogs(google it for ideas), and offer a non-refundable pet deposit, as well as references(including Vet) for any potential landlords. Also, put up ads in local classefieds about looking for a rental, and tell them upfront about your dogs, individually. I did all of this, and managed to snag a pretty sweet rental where I live, with two dogs. Good luck! smile

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Barked: Tue Jan 28, '14 8:49am PST 
My friend has a Rottie mix and was going to lose her homeowners insurance because of it. I told her to tell them the dog is an American BullDog mix. They came and looked at her and agreed. Sometimes changing the mix name helps. Also, getting them CGC Certified, if they aren't already helps. Some landlords take that piece of paper seriously. Good luck!

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Barked: Tue Jan 28, '14 8:01pm PST 
Yes CGC would be terrific, even in a bind saying convincingly it's a service dog. Some people don't even need documentation, but a good word from your vet or animal control can be a big plus.
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Barked: Tue Jan 28, '14 8:25pm PST 
Absolutely DO NOT say your dog is a service dog to get it into housing. That's disability fraud, illegal, and causes landlords to question actual service dog handlers. And it's just plain immoral.

Try finding a property management company that works with pet friendly rentals. I've always had luck that way.

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Barked: Wed Jan 29, '14 7:29pm PST 
I think u will have more luck on Craigslist than an official website or apartment complex. Pit bulls and several other breeds present an insurance problem for landlords they are simply more expensive to have live at your complex and have all the insurance you need to cover ur butt in case something happens. On Craigslist the people u would be leasing from are not professionals and wont understand this and likely don't have all the insurance a big company owning a complex or an experienced land lord would have. I don't think its fair that this is how it is with certain breeds but it is what it is and I think a more informal lease from a regular Joe is your best shot. So id look on Craigslist.

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Barked: Fri Jan 31, '14 6:52am PST 
I would look at getting papers from the continental kennel club stating that your dogs are boxer mixes. You will probably do better with smaller renters, people with one or two places to rent rather then an agency unless you find an agency that specializes in finding dog friendly homes.

Get a resume together for your dogs, get testaments from your neighbors, your current landlord, if you have one. You might ask at local pet stores or local vets offices. Also look for a local realestate agent that isn't a part of a franchise. They may know of somewhere dog friendly.

Good luck.

Barked: Thu Feb 27, '14 3:00am PST 
If you are renting now why couldn't your current landlord write up a reference for you and your dogs. When we moved I was able to find a house that allowed my six dogs. I was really lucky!
I hope you find something or someone that will take the chance to rent to you. Another thing is get the word out there post on FB, when your taking change at the store mention you have 3 dogs and looking for a place, tell everyone and anyone that you are looking. I hate to say it but pit bulls will be pre-judged so I would say just 3 dogs so that your dogs cannot be judged before people meet them. Good luck!

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Barked: Fri Feb 28, '14 7:49pm PST 
That's an important point too "Meeting them". Overall even without any pets at all I've found it easier to rent from a landlord who does not live anywhere near their property. For instance a two family house with the landlord on the other side could be tricky.
But if they do live on or near the property meeting your dogs could be very helpful...as long as you know everyone will behave themselves meeting a stranger. Our Sophie is no problem with strangers, she's afraid of people and they take that as well behaved.
Callie on the other hand meets new men and sounds and lunges like everyone's fighting dog nightmare. Then after assurance and if the human remains relaxed, he relaxes. I hear a lot of people say "Wow, what a GOOD dog!" after they get past the initial meeting.
You know your dogs...

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