Free roaming chickens are a real problem for dogs.

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Sanka- I'll Miss- You

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Barked: Mon Sep 30, '13 6:50am PST 
A bit harsh to say the dog deserved to be shot.

But, instead of pointing fingers, a lot could be solved by just talking to each other. If the neighbor's chickens are wandering in your yard, go talk to them. Tell them about your dog. Even make reference as to how they could handle your dog if the dog did get out and after chickens.

People are much more forgiving towards your things (dogs included) when they like you as a person. Having a mutual respect for each other really solves a lot.

Maybe a deal of allowing them to have the chickens free ranging, but telling them you have a dog that, while contained, may escape by whatever fluke that just happens to everyone and may just chase the chickens that are in your yard. Give them tools on how to handle your dog if confronted with the situation so the gun isn't the first choice.

Obviously, best to just avoid the situation, but I get it, sometimes unexpected things happen despite our best intentions.

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Barked: Thu Oct 3, '13 2:14pm PST 
I agree with the others that support free-roaming chickens, but not dogs. Yes, I do think that the chickens should be kept penned if they really are for livelihood, as more than just dogs will take out a chicken, but if someone simply wants to keep them as lawn ornaments, well, they know the risks. I also support that it is within the property owner's rights to shoot a dog that chases a chicken on his or her property. Why? Free roaming dogs are potentially a HUGE risk to children playing in an unenclosed yard. Yes, chickens are more likely to trigger a prey drive of a dog, but how do you know a child won't either? People (love them or hate them) are more important than dogs or chickens, and free-roaming dogs are a risk, chickens aren't much of one.

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Vance CGC

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Barked: Mon Oct 7, '13 7:08am PST 
This is one of those very regional issues.

If you keep free range chickens where I live, your flock will be gone in about 3 months, regardless of size (and it only takes that long because some of the chickens get pretty good at hiding). The coyote problem is unbelievable. If they don't end up coyote food, more than likely they'll be hit by cars.

So, around here, if you value the lives of your chickens (or rabbits, or whatever), you will keep them securely penned. I would be angry if I heard a local dog was shot for chasing free-range chickens in my area, because all those chickens are doomed anyway, and now a dog is dead from their owner's stupidity. Not to mention that shooting the dog would almost certainly mean a weapon had been discharged in a residential neighborhood.

In areas where there are not so many people or predators and free range livestock is common, being shot is an understandable risk a loose dog faces.


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Barked: Mon Oct 7, '13 11:53am PST 
Good point about shooting a weapon in a residential area, Vance. My sister's neighbors practice archery in their backyards (without a backstop), and even that drives me crazy, it's just too dangerous. naughty

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Barked: Tue Oct 8, '13 9:24am PST 
Twister - our next door neighbor used to shoot arrows toward our fence til my hubby told them that if they hurt or kill one of our dogs they would be responsible for all the cost we've put into them (we do Agility and Therapy work). The only other direction they could shoot the arrows was towards their own house as the other side was towards the street. They stopped shooting arrows all together.

A good friend of mine has 8 chickens who allows them to free range. However, she has 5 acres totally fenced in acres.

My point is many people only think of themselves and don't consider how their behavior will affect others around them. This is true in multiple situations. As a kid, I would have NEVER played in someone else's yard/property unless a friend lived there and we were playing together. I don't think parents are teaching Boundries anymore...and maybe have forgotten them themselves.

It's the difference between "active" parenting verses "armchair" parenting. Which applies to having animals as well. IMO

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Barked: Wed Oct 9, '13 8:28am PST 
This is kind of off topic but I have the same problem! My neighbor thinks that it is a wonderful idea to shoot his gun at his deer target at 5 AM. And he shoots towards our property.

He also lets his grandchildren shoot towards our property. Not good. frown

Anyhow, it was mentioned a little further back that dogs have to be walked and they sometimes get loose. I totally agree.

I also believe that chickens should have the opportunity to get out of their coop and roam about.

Every dog gets loose at some point, and dogs don't have to be killed for it. Neither do chickens.

If more people would train their dogs, this wouldn't be a problem. My dog is trained to ignore my neighbor's chickens, and to come when called.

Supervision is also a large part of this.

Supervise your dog when it is outdoors and make sure that it doesn't get into trouble.

Make sure that your chickens don't wander onto a neighboring dog's property.

Problem solved. applause
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