367 Dogs Rescued in Dog Fighting Sting

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Barked: Fri Aug 30, '13 5:54pm PST 
I felt sad reading in the new Time magazine...Authorities broke up a chain of dog fighting rings and seized 367 dogs. An estimate of the situation, based on the smaller scale of the Vick case...maybe fifty of those dogs will be injured or ill to a degree that they won't survive. The dogs can be in limbo for quite some time, they are considered evidence until the dogfighter's go to trial.

Then they have behaviorists divide them into-able to be placed in foster homes after a health check, able to be placed after training and behavior modification, possibly being able to be placed in the future, not capable of being placed in a home but possibly in a canine reserve and dogs that have been nutted by their experiences so far they can't live safely with people or other animals.

Then the rescue groups across the country mobilize in sorting it all out. The Vick case had a bunch of success stories among the survivors...but 300 and some dogs...better that they were saved from the ring, but it breaks your heart. Those of us who have multi-bullies know what terrific dogs they are. Prayers go to the survivors frown
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Glad they broke it up...but I feel terrible for any dog that is raised or exposed to that kind of environment. I don't have multiple pits but most of Angel's friends are Pits or Pit mixes and they are awesome dogs.